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personal history - part II

Some people have created some really amazing shots of their inpretations of their past history by shooting new photos. My version will be to show you two old photos each week that give a glimpse into what made me who I am today.


Here we have two photos - both taken around the age of 5.

1 ~ The first shot is totally for kicks and happens to be Beth's favorite photo of me in the world..I even made her a standing cut-out paper doll of this photo once. Anyway, here I am on a beach in Thailand while on a trip visiting my relatives.

2 ~ The second photo is of me and my dad the year he opened his first Thai restaurant in Philadelphia. You know when you go to an ethnic restaurant and you see the owners kids playing in the back or doing their homework at an unused table? That was me! I always worked there on the weekends during high school and during summers in college...it was my daughterly duty. But I'm not complaning. I grew up appreciating food & the food business--and more importantly...I learned to understand & appreciate how hard my parents worked to create what they have today.