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a must read...

If you're looking to start a creative business selling your own products, I highly recommend the e-book by Pamela Barsky called "How to Start a Creative Manufacturing Business". I've been reading a couple business books for a while now as I'm working on a line of my very own. But most books out there, while informative, are not geared towards products and creative ventures. Many of you know Pamela Barsky for her successful line of gift products and accessories. She is using her experience to help others start their own ventures by way of her book and her consulting service. Her book is one woman's perspective and you should not expect to get all things from one view. But if you're starting from the very beginning and really want an idea of how the process to starting something works, I think this gives a great intro.


{UPDATE: There's been some discussion in the comments about this book and those who have read it do have differing opinions. The book is definitely one woman's perspective based on her experience and opinions on how things work and what's proven successful for her. I happen to have enjoyed it and thought it was worth the time & money because it gave me a good overview and kept me in check of things I may not have thought of. Those who are further along in their businesses or have found ways to make certain areas of the business work, may find some of her opinions conflicting. To each her own..as with any book, some will find it helpful, while others won't.}