Oh JoyOh Joy

{oh joy eats lunch with} emily henson...


Who Emily Henson, prop stylist for Anthropologie, HGTV, and Target

Where Los Angeles, CA {but originally from London}

Time 12pm

What's a typical lunch for you? Lots of salads with whatever protein I've got on hand. Like this arugula picked from my veggie garden and cold lentils from the previous night's dinner. I added some chopped red onion and mozzarella, lemon juice, olive oil. Or sometimes a simple cheese sandwich with Branston pickle. We Brits grow up eating cheese and pickle sandwiches like Americans do with PB&J's!

What's your dream/ideal lunch? I'm a huge Korean food fan so I could eat Bi Bim Bop and kimchi every day for lunch for ever and ever. Having it delivered to my office door daily would be my dream!

Dessert with lunch? Usually just a cup of PG Tips with cream and sugar and maybe some homemade shortbread or whatever sweet thing the kids and I have made recently.

Thanks Emily!

{photo by Emily}