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{closet & casa} with justina blakeney...


who: Justina Blakeney, Creative Director and Upcycler

why justina rocks: I love that Justina is a wild child, frolicking around in colorful bohemian outfits every time I see her! And her jungalow featured in Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces is awesome too!

in her closet: I'm obsessed with color and pattern and am fearless about mixin' it up! I have a weakness for "ethnic" pieces, from chunky turquoise to harem pants, loud muumuu's and boyish jumpers. This poncho is one of my favorite pieces. In LA, I get to wear it year-round, and it adds a nice loud POP and a bit of an ethic edge to any outfit (I think it's Peruvian).

in her casa: I found the chair {and it has a fraternal twin} at the Rose Bowl Flea market for a whopping $15 {Sorry but I had to rub it in}! It was love a first sight—a folksy-Southwestern vibe with a modern geometric twist. For a while I was painting every piece of furniture that crossed my path a different color, but lately, I am really enjoying the varied colors of natural wood.

Thanks Justina!

{photos by Annie McElwain}