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When you're nursing, you expend so much energy and calories {they say something like 500 calories a day!} that I find myself so thirsty and eating everything in sight—much like a teenage boy. In addition to eating large meals and snacking a TON, I have been craving juice like crazy. Since I drink so much of it, I've been trying to stick to options that don't have added sugar {as I'd rather save the processed sugars for dessert}! So my new favorites are the super fresh and delicious juices from Pressed Juicery. Available locally in LA or online, Pressed is known for their juice cleanses, but since I need all the food and calories I can get to feed Ruby, I drink them additionally to all of my meals and snacks to stay hydrated while also getting all the nutrition and tastiness of their fruity combinations. My favorites are: Carrot Coconut, Apple Lemon Ginger, Beet Apple Lemon Ginger, and the Strawberry Apple Lime...oh, and the Almond Milk {not shown} is SO good with cereal! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. Juices from Pressed Juicery}