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happy friday + 5 months with ruby...


Happy Friday friends! This week our little lady turned five months! Every month really does get better and so much more fun. Today, I leave you with 5 things I've learned from my 5 months as a mom...

01 / Not every day is perfect. There are some days that Ruby is super happy or sleeps through the night or laughs a ton, and I think, "Hooray! Every day from now on will be like this!". And then if it's not, I'm bummed because I can't figure out what I did differently that she didn't sleep as well or was crankier than usual. I'm learning to realize that just like us, babies have good days, bad days, cranky days, and less sleepy days. And, I shouldn't blame myself for all of those many colored days.

02 / There's nothing better than making a baby laugh. Ruby laughs harder than I've ever seen before when Bob does peek-a-boo with her. It makes me slightly jealous, and I just want to make her laugh all day long.

03 / Balancing work with motherhood is hard. Before I had a baby, I was doing lots of different things and a multi-tasking like a pro. I didn't think it wouldn't be as hard as everyone says it is to juggle it all. But it really is. Something has to give, and you just have to decide what's most important. For me, I wanted to be able to spend as much of my day with Ruby as possible, so I chose to get help part-time for designated work time and not to take on as much work this year so that I could really be present with her during our mom & baby time together.

04 / Exercise before pregnancy pays off afterwards. I was an avid exerciser all during my teen and adult years. Up until I got pregnant, I played tennis, did Muay Thai, and practiced Lithe Method regularly. Once I got pregnant, I slowed down with prenatal yoga and lots of walks but stayed active throughout. I feel lucky that I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans 3 weeks after having Ruby {I know, some of you hate me for saying that!}, but aside from our genetics and whether we choose to nurse or not, I really do believe that being active and healthy helps post-baby recovery so much and makes the physical demands of carrying and running after babies that much easier.

05 / Baby rolls are better than cookie dough. Our little Ruby is toppling over with rolls, that I can't help but kiss them multiple times a day. I just want to bake them in the oven and open a patisserie full of 'em!

Funny, how much has changed since the first few weeks. Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{Photos by Oh Joy. Ruby's flowers and poms by Ban.do}