Oh JoyOh Joy

a case of the monday's...


Hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a fun 48 hours in San Francisco...eating {of course} and seeing a couple friends along the way. It was a bit hectic traveling for the first time with the baby, but in some ways it was better than I had expected too. Ruby did great on the plane and enjoyed the new scenery of a new city. I also learned a few things we'll do differently next time and will post a few more photos from the trip later this week!

I feel lucky that I rarely get a case of the Monday's. I love what I do and rarely dread having to work, but after a weekend away, I just want one more day to decompress at home before the week starts. I love these day of the week illustrations by Paul Blow. I totally know what these funny guys feel like today... — Joy

ps. I'll be at Lucky FABB today and will be tweeting from there if you want to follow along!