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happy friday + 6 months with ruby...



If you remember our birth announcement, we knew we wanted to raise a baby who would hopefully love food as much as we do. We started Ruby on solids a couple weeks ago, and it's been so fun to watch her explore eating from a spoon and the look on her face while enjoying this new texture. She turned six months yesterday! We're starting fruit and vegetables soon, and I'm surprisingly excited to start making baby food. I tease that she'll have Thai green curry and Korean kimchi in her puree because of our ethnic backgrounds! Not just yet but one maybe of these days...

And, thanks so much to everyone who came out to my little Pool Party at Kate Spade last night! It was so fun to meet all of you. Have a wonderful weekend guys! — Joy

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{photos by Bonnie Tsang of our mini foodie taken around 5 months}