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happy friday + mom brain...


I always thought that "Mom brain" was a myth. I thought it was something that happens when you're already kind of disorganized or not good at multi-tasking. But no, Mom Brain is for real folks—and it's something that has plagued me now, too. I forget everything these days. It's usually not anything really important {like paying my bills or how to drive my car}, instead it's really simple things that I just said or just did that escape my brain as soon as the thought has passed. I forget that I already brushed my teeth. I forget that I already took my contact lenses out and find myself grabbing my bare eyeball for no reason. I forget that I've told Bob the same story four times already. I forget that we already have pasta sauce at home, so now we have one too many jars after my trip to the grocery store. And, I've probably forgotten something else that I can't remember right now.

For as alert and responsible as I need to be right now, this whole Mom Brain thing is pretty ironic. But hey, I guess I have something to blame for all this forgetfulness, hunh? Please tell me some of you have had Mom Brain too? Wishing you guys a happy Easter {and not too forgetful} weekend! — Joy

Ps. For those of you in LA coming to my Pool Party next Thursday at Kate Spade, be sure to RSVP as space limited!

{Photo by Oh Joy of Ruby and I after one of our daily walks. We went to buy a gift for a friend and she carried the bag all the way home!}