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happy friday + looking back...


Happy Friday friends! It's funny when you take a look back on your life and how you thought everything would turn out when you were younger. When I was 5, I thought I wanted to be a cheerleader when I grew up. I am not sure why I thought that considering now I am the last person who would yell in public or in a crowd of people. I am definitely not chipper enough to be a cheerleader! I never thought I'd have my own business and just assumed that I'd make my way up the graphic design corporate ladder from agency to agency, but here I am years later with a job I created for myself and now love. I never thought I'd live in California, let alone LA. I actually hated LA for the longest time. But when we had a chance to come out to Southern California for a year for Bob's job, I fell in love with the sunshine and the more laid-back culture. The life I imagined having back in Philly or New York, immediately changed when we decided to stay. It's funny how things happen that we never expect yet they make our lives better and happier...even when it wasn't part of "the plan".

As I approach my first real Mother's Day, it's nice to be able to feel content with where things are now. And while I keep trying to plan for what's next...kind of not knowing is really fun too. I hope you have a great Mother's Day this weekend—whether you're a mom yourself or whether you're simply showering your favorite lady with the extra love she so deserves... — Joy

{Instagram photo of Ruby from this week. How cute are her Honest ice cream cone diapers?}