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the coolest bicycle ever...


Before we moved to a hilly part of LA, I used to enjoy riding my bike in Coronado {where we lived for a year before moving to LA}. The streets were wide, the land was flat, and it was just fun and easy to ride around on. Now that we're in a hilly area, it's nearly impossible to ride around without the feeling that my lungs might fall out of my body. So, when I came across this new electric bike by Faraday {which is being developed in San Francisco where hills reign supreme}, it really struck a chord with me.


Not only is the design pretty amazing {um, hello leather and wood mixed with white and mint green accents!}, but it's electric to help give you a boost up hills and has a really useful utility basket up front. You've gotta see this video that shows it in action. And while it's pricey for a bike, if you live in a city where a bike is your only mode of transportation, it seems like a really functional and beautiful option. — Joy

{photos by Faraday}