Oh JoyOh Joy

we're a team...


This weekend, Bob and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary (and 16 years together in total!). When we celebrated our first anniversary, we decided not to exchange gifts and instead, take a trip when we could. But even when we couldn't make a vacation happen, we'd always make sure to give each other a card. With this in mind, I knew I wanted to make him a card since that would be the anniversary gift.

The funny thing is around the time we started celebrating our anniversary, I actually had a card line. But when it came to making something for Bob, I had to go the complete opposite end of what my aesthetic was and design something for him I'd actually never make or sell to anyone....but something that would be pretty funny for both of us. So, I began the tradition of making this reoccuring series of anniversary cards that changes each year based on what we're doing or into at the time. I can't believe I'm sharing my terrible cartoony drawings with you guys, but I hope you get a kick out of them...


This was the year I thought I'd become a pro golfer. Bob was really into golf, so I made an effort and tried to play as well. That was all and well until I realized that golf takes way too long to play, and I can get a much better workout in a lot less time doing something else.


During the year of our 2nd anniversary, I was super into pickling and said I was going to open a gourmet pickle shop. Bob said he'd make dude pickles that came in football-shaped jars.


In our 3rd year of marriage, we had just moved to San Diego for the year. I got a Mini Cooper convertible (which I've since traded in for a more practical baby car), but it was a year of fun and sun and lots of adventures. Little did we know that we'd end up staying in California and not returning to Philly like we thought...


We celebrated our 4th anniversary in Japan! Bob had to go for work, so I tagged along and ate and shopped my way through Tokyo and Kyoto. SO fun. And our last big trip before...


For our 5th anniversary, we were a month away from expecting Ruby. I was very pregnant and probably did not think this one through so well. Luckily, Ruby does not leave poop all over the floor as drawn. And as an actual parent of an almost-one-year-old, I've learned that you don't carry a baby by their legs when putting them in the crib. I'm working on the newest card for our 6th anniversary and thinking I might need to add our newest family member to the silly series.

Happy anniversary to my amazing and much better half...

{Wedding photo by Karen Wise. All other kooky illustrations by me.}