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what we did in chicago...


We spent most of last week in beautiful Chicago. Bob had a conference for work, so I managed to coordinate it with my Chicago book party so that we could take a little family trip all together. It was such a fun and leisurely week in one of my favorite cities.

Normally when I travel, I have a huge list of things I want to do and places I want to eat. But with having to fit in baby naps and lugging around a car seat to get around in a taxi, I chose not plan anything and figure things out day-by-day. It was so not me, but so perfect for this trip. Ruby and I got to explore Chicago by foot without having to worry about our usual play dates, appointments, or work commitments. We met up with a few friends, fit in in a work meeting (a very kid-friendly one), and found fun places to eat on the fly. Being in Chicago sure made me missing living in a walkable city. I'd totally live there...if only it wasn't so darn cold in the winter...!

ps. I did a fun live chat with Levo League yesterday chatting about blogging and business. You can see the archived chat right here (skip over the bit of pause at the 3 min mark)!

{Photos by Oh Joy, bottom photo by Vanessa Churchill. Above: Doughnuts from Glazed and Infused (the chocolate and lemon flavors were INSANE), SmileBooth photos from my Chicago book party (thanks Katie for this post!), Lemon Meringue cupcakes from More, Passion fruit Tart from Floriole.}