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I hope you guys had a nice weekend! (And I'm so happy to hear that those of you in New York finally got your power back!). Sorry to be MIA on Friday; I flew to San Francisco on Thursday for a press event and woke up Friday morning with food poisoning! I immediately had to catch a flight back to L.A., and as soon as I got home landed in bed for the next 24 hours. Terrible.

Anyway, I'm happy to be almost 100% up-and-running again...and back to eating! So, I had to share my newest sweet craving with you. I never loved caramels as a kid, but for some reason, I love them now...especially when they're freshly made, like these from Crack Caramel (and yes, that's their name for good reason!). Buttery, sweet, melty, and a tiny bit salty...yum...

{Photo by Oh Joy}