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practice makes...


For the last couple nights I've been watching the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Have you guys seen it? I originally thought it was going to be mostly beautiful images of one of my favorite foods—and though I walked away craving sushi like no one's business, I was even more inspired by Jiro's process and way of thinking. The 85-year-old Michelin-awarded sushi chef and his sons talk about how important it is to spend time learning your craft, and how skills are developed over time. They emphasize that there's no fast and easy path to being successful or rich, but that with hard work and dedication, you can become really good at something you're passionate about.



The documentary also features the vendors that Jiro works with (the rice dealer, the shrimp dealer, the tuna dealer), all of whom know their specialties to a tee—but all of whom also strive to improve and learn more every day. With our world being so fast and focused on instant gratification, I love the reminder that sometimes the best things and the best rewards in life do take time and love to grow and mature...

{Movie stills via Magnolia Pictures}