Oh JoyOh Joy

little girl, grown-up gestures...





Sometimes I look at my toddler and her chubby baby cheeks and remember she's still so tiny. And then sometimes she does these things that are so adult-like (often things she picked up from us) and that make my mind fast-forward into the future way too fast. The other day Ruby was talking to herself in the mirror, and then pointed to her chest and said, "Boobies!" (I told her once what those are and it obviously stuck with her).

Here are just a few moments lately—taking a "rest" on the sidewalk in the middle of playing, practicing downward puppy, checking out Daddy's computer, and wearing Mama's glasses—that make me so curious (and excited) to watch her personality unfold...

Hope you have a great weekend full of fun peeks into the future!

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{Photos by Bob Cho}