Oh JoyOh Joy

let there be light...




When I was in Philly last week, I found myself waking up tired and groggy, with no desire to get out of bed. I love Philly, but I had forgotten about gray winters and cold weather and how much they really used to affect my mood. I'm so dependent on lots of natural light, and I've come to learn how much happier it makes me. Being back in L.A. really made me appreciate all this sunshine I'm lucky to live in year round.

It's funny, because I'm currently looking at studio spaces for my office, and some of these spaces have no windows (no windows?!?). The person showing them to me would say, "Some people don't want any light."

Say what??? Do you guys crave light like I do, or would you be content working in a dark space?

{Image sources, top to bottom: Melnikov House via Design Squish, Allandale House, Lindman Photography.}