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happy friday + a little copy cat...




I always thought that "learning how to mimic" part of being a kid came later in life...like around three or four. Boy, was I wrong. Within the last couple of months, Ruby's been watching everything we do and imitating it. She'll find my necklaces and shoes and put them on, start "cooking" in her kitchen (she adds ingredients and stirs the pot while holding the oven mitt), pick up the empty cat food bowls to put them away, and pretend to do the laundry. It amazes me. Any day now, she'll be sitting on a fake computer pretending to blog...Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. Ruby's mastering her animal noises in the video above. Clearly growling is her favorite...

P.P.S. For more Ruby, see my Instagram and Bob's Instagram.

{Ruby's wearing my Adidas sneakers, Gap striped dress, Thief & Bandit pink neon dress.}