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happy friday + being present...


The other night, as we were getting Ruby dressed for bed, I turned my head for one second and she fell off her changing table. Luckily, all her body parts stayed in tact and unbroken. But I held her tightly and cried and felt ashamed that I'd let that happen. While I know that it was an accident and that every parent goes through something similar, it made me realize that I wasn't focused on her completely in that moment. I may have been thinking about the work I needed to do after she went to bed or that I was cold or hungry or that I had to pee. Had I been paying complete attention, I could have prevented our little fall from ever happening.

I've realized that being present in each moment (while working, enjoying time with friends, or being with my family) is something I really need to be better at. Because as great as multitasking can sometimes be, it's not so great when your brain goes somewhere else and you lose sight of what you're doing during that particular moment in time.

...and how could I not soak up moments like this?