Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + feeling lucky...

Oh Joy | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Within the last week, three people in my office (including myself) got into car accidents. They happened on different days and in different cars. We're all safe and no one got hurt, but boy did it feel like an unlucky week over here with dented cars and tow trucks! I spent most of the week wallowing in my unfortune and feeling like nothing was going right. But I came out of it reminding myself that things could be way worse. We're alive, safe, and healthy. As we head into the long weekend, I hope you're surrounded with people and things that remind you what you have to feel lucky for.

I'll see you back here on Tuesday, friends!

P.S. Have you heard about Love for Leni? This sweet 4-month-old baby girl has been diagnosed with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, a rare form of pediatric bone marrow cancer. Her parents are hoping to find a matching bone marrow donor, but it's proving hard because of Leni's mixed descent. Please click here if you'd like to read more or if you know anyone who could be a match for Leni.

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang}