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happy friday + getting fancy...


Have you ever seen the kid's book, Fancy Nancy? My friend Justina gave it to Ruby, and I love the idea behind it. The character of the book, a little girl named Nancy, loves doing everything with a little extra je ne sais quoi. She wears frilly socks to play soccer, she tries to use fancy versions of every day words, and she just makes every detail in life more special with her own embellishments. After going to our dear friends' black tie wedding last weekend (fun shown above), I've been feeling extra inspired by fancy lately.

So this week, I've been making efforts to be a little more fancy (like Nancy)—I wore a dress to go to the playground with Ruby (I normally wear a tee shirt and shorts), and I dressed up for work like I had a meeting to go to (when I didn't). And you know what, it just put that extra pep in my step. Sometimes you just need to switch it up, you know?

I hope you guys have a great weekend full of little bits of fancy sprinkled throughout...

{Photo by Smilebooth}