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happy friday + friend dates...

Sandra Freij Photography

Sandra Freij Photography

Every Monday night, Bob and I meet up with two other couples who are our good friends and the parents of Ruby's besties. We take the kids and meet-up somewhere kid-friendly with good food and catch up and laugh and enjoy a simple dinner together. We've done it every Monday for almost two years, and it's one of our favorite nights of the week.

In our busy and hectic lives with work and kids and life, it can be so easy to stay at home and forget to make meet-ups with friends a priority. Lately, I've really been trying to start/continue/pick-back-up-on regular dates with more of my good friends. You know...like a weekly dinner, breakfast, coffee, a workout session, etc. If you can make it happen with a handful of close friends, it's so, so good for your soul and for your friendship.

So, go out this weekend and make a date with a friend, yes?!?

{Photos by Sandra Freij}