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shopping for vintage: a striped jumpsuit! 22 Jan 2018


Last weekend, I went to the Rosebowl Flea Market and scored this amazing pink striped jumper for $20! It's a piece that's super fun and makes a statement. But it's also a piece when seen on a hanger might not appeal to everyone. One of my goals in sharing fashion posts is to show you how to see the potential in a piece and also how to consider it for your size and body type...both of those things are even harder to do with vintage since you don't have a range of sizes to choose from. So, today, I'm gonna show you how a little styling does wonders to a piece like this, and how it works on a few different people in the Oh Joy office...

shopping for vintage: a striped jumpsuit

1. Color and pattern on curves. Nicole says, "I wouldn't have considered this vintage jumpsuit for myself because I would think I'm too curvy to wear stripes. Plus, I'm not used to wearing color. But now that I've tried it, I love it! It was actually super comfy, and I'm surprised how well it flattered my curves. I loved the color and makes me want to head to the flea market next month!" For Nicole, we kept the sleeves closer to their original length and popped the collar to add shape and height to the neckline.

shopping for vintage: a striped jumpsuit

2. When it comes to vintage clothing, bigger is always better. After having two kids, I live in things that are more forgiving around my middle. But I still want pieces that complement my petite body type. I used to feel limited when I couldn't find vintage pieces in my size, but then I started to keep tailoring in mind for everything. You can almost always tailor something that is bigger if needed whereas it's hard to make something smaller get larger. When I saw this jumpsuit on the hanger, I knew it could be too boxy. But I also saw that the tie in the waistband could really work in my favor to add definition to the boxy cut. While this piece could be easily tailored if needed, it also became totally fab with...styling the sleeves to be cuffed, adding heels for height, and making sure the tie sits at the smallest part of my waist to give the appearance of a waist!

shopping for vintage: a striped jumpsuit

3. Jumpsuits are perfect for between sizes. When you're between sizes, a piece like this gives you the flexibility to wear it and not feel wed to one size or another. Angie says, "I'm between a size 6-8. I have a squishy athletic mom bod. I love anything with stripes, but I get so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff at the flea market that sometimes I miss out on finds like this! After trying it on, I loved it. It's super comfortable and versatile. The cut is playful, and the pink stripe pattern fun and feminine." We styled Angie with her signature sneakers but added a colorful vintage scarf to add femininity to the rest of the outfit.  

shopping for vintage: a striped jumpsuit

The biggest thing about vintage clothing and to really get into it is to try something you normally wouldn't have. The worse that can happen is you don't like it or it doesn't work, and then you just put it back on the rack! Once you start taking more risks with vintage clothing, you'll start seeing pieces in new ways!

P.S. Shopping for vintage online!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Outfit styling by Joy Cho.

weekend project: a vintage end table makeover... 19 Jan 2018

Vintage End Table Makeover / Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! We've been on a bit of a flea market hunt lately and scoring great finds left and right. We wanted to show you a super easy way to update an old side table that may not be in great condition but still has a great shape. We've shown you how to transform an entryway mat, denim jacket, and backpack with splatter paint, and now we're showing you how to use it to make a vintage end table good as new. Here's what it looked like before...


taking mini moments for yourself... 18 Jan 2018

Taking mini moments for yourself / Oh Joy

As a working mother, business owner, etc. I'm trying to do the best I can to juggle everything life throws my way. But I always find myself taking care of myself last (if at all). I focus on feeding everyone else first, making sure others are happy first, and generally (rarely) give myself the mini breaks and fuel I need to get through my day. Today, I've partnered with Shine Organics to share a few ways I am trying to give myself more mini moments throughout the day that are just for me to give me the joy and energy I need to be the best version of myself that I can be (for myself and for others). Here are a few ways...


oh joy office: a simple, beautiful update... 17 Jan 2018

Oh Joy Office Lights

Last week, I debuted the design of my new Executive Office. This spring, I'm aiming to get the rest of the space done. Although it's been a year since we moved in, all these improvements take time and money—and much like a house—it's made sense to spread them out over time! Today, I wanted to show you a super simple, but beautiful, update we made to the main space of our office. This area is where our shooting space is and transitions from that space to the main entry area. Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER...


a sequin earring DIY... 16 Jan 2018


A Sequin Earring DIY... / Oh Joy!

Here's a project for you that's fun to make with friends or for friends...dangly, jumbo sequin earrings! Everyone on the Oh Joy Team has a pair, and we LOVE them. Because you get to make them yourself, you can customize the colors, size and length! One thing I really like about these is how lightweight they are. Some dangly earrings can feel bulky and weigh you down, but not these! Here's how to make your very own...


my favorite faux fur jackets right now... 15 Jan 2018


If you follow my Outfit of the Day on Instagram, you might know I am VERY into faux fur jackets right now...especially those in fun colors. The ones that I currently wear are sold out or older seasons, but these are SUPER cute. Here are a few pairs for ladies and girls that I am loving right now!

PRINTS: Zara floral, Target girls star jacket.

STRIPES: Anthropologie blue striped jacket, kids vintage coat from JuliasChildVintage.

NEUTRAL: Urban Outfitters long jacket, Zara girls pink jacket.

weekend project: a DIY pin organizer... 12 Jan 2018

A DIY Pin Organizer / Oh Joy!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE all the little pins that have become so on trend lately. They add a little bit of fun to any jacket, purse, hat, you name it! But I find myself with dishes full of little pins and can't find certain ones when I need them. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my earrings and pins organized, so today we've put together a super cute DIY that does just that! It's easy to make and so cute to have on display. It makes for a great weekend project that will make you feel like you're getting your dresser nice and organized, too. Here's the how-to...


city books for kids! 11 Jan 2018


I love teaching my kids about the city we live in (yay LA!), as well as other cities that we visit during the year. Whether you're raising a local tour guide or a budding travel editor, here are 9 of my favorite City Books for Kids! Lots of them come in various options for different cities, too!

01. When I'm in LA by Le Future Kids, 02. Zig Zag City Guides,03. Larry Gets Lost books, 04. A Walk in New York, 05. Neela Goes to San Francisco, 06. This is Paris, 07. Los Angeles 1 to 10 by Sara Beth Greene, 08. Bright Eyed Baby Flashcards, 09. Los Angeles Is....

a DIY splatter paint jacket... 10 Jan 2018

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

Remember when we made a splatter paint backpack and entryway mat? Well, today we're back with a pretty splatter paint denim jacket (Can you tell spring is on my mind?)! Denim jackets are an essential to have in your closet and make for the perfect transition between seasons...but sometimes they could use a little something extra. So, we took a traditional denim jacket and added a little detail that's so easy and fun to make! And, the color combinations and designs are ENDLESS, so you can tailor it to be the dream jacket you've always wanted. Here's how...


my executive office at oh joy: final reveal! 9 Jan 2018

Oh Joy Executive Office / Designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel

It feels like just yesterday that we moved into our current office, but it's been just over a year now! We spent a good chunk of last year doing renovations to the space taking it slowly one room at a time. You may have seen our beautifully organized and fun craft room and our completely renovated dream kitchen! Today, I'm sharing the next room on the list—my executive office! I worked with my talented friend, Sarah Sherman Samuel, to bring this space to life. Come see the before and after and more about the space below!

Oh Joy Executive Office / Before

Oh Joy Executive Office / Before

Ever since opening a physical office for Oh Joy outside of my home office five years ago, I have always sat with my team in one big open space. I loved having the ability to easily communicate and brainstorm with them in that arrangement, but it got difficult when I had lots of phone calls or meetings and needed privacy. When we moved into our current space, I had planned to sit together with my team again until they all confronted me one day with an intervention. They were like, “Joy, you need your own office!” I joked that they kicked me out, but it really was the best decision as it allows separation when I need it but also I am right there and still very easily accessible...



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