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a gift from us to you for 13 years!


13 years ago this month, I started a blog and a design company called Oh Joy! What was intended to be a side project while I was looking for a new job turned into my real life job. I went from being a graphic designer and designing for a ton of other people's brands to having a site to share my inspirations and ideas, collaborating with brands to make products, writing books about various topics I was passionate about, being a business consultant for hundreds of other small businesses, growing a team, and doing more things than I ever thought possible. I'll go into a bigger recap of our last 13 years at the end of the month, but for today, I wanted to THANK YOU all for being here and for coming to this site and visiting our site, purchasing our products, reading our books, and for your support in general.


I can't hug each and every one of you, but I can thank you with some amazing giveaways we have planned over the next 13 days! I have always loved sharing the work and products of other companies I love, so I've partnered with 13 of them to give one of YOU something! So, please follow along on our @ohjoy Instagram account for a new giveaway every morning at 7am PST/10am EST with giveaways with: Sugarfina, Max Wanger, Clare V, Loeffler Randall, DryBar, Hedley & Bennett, Ace & Jig, Artifact Uprising, State Bags, Joybird, Maya Brenner, Jeni's Ice Cream, and, of course, the Oh Joy! shop!

{Top photo by Lily Glass, styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong, graphics by Angie Stalker.} 

how to style with large branches...

How to Style with Large Branches... / via Oh Joy!

Vases can get hard to constantly keep full of fresh flowers, so I always love options to fill them that doesn't require as much upkeep. Branches make for a beautiful option plus they last for for a while. Styling a large vase can feel daunting, so today, we're showing you how to style with them using large beautiful branches! Come see how...


a staycation for mom...

A Staycation for Mom... / via Oh Joy!

Today, we're partnering with Home2 Suites by Hilton to show you how to celebrate the end of summer and the start of school for the person who really deserves a break...MOM! You've been in charge of your whole family's summer and school year and it's always GO GO GO for you. So today, I'm encouraging you to take a night for yourself to get away, leave the kids with your partner, and have a staycation! See our fun video below to get your Mom's Staycation started...

P.S. Home2 Suites is giving away a 2-night stay to one lucky winner! Head to their Instagram page to learn how to enter for a chance to win!

{Photo by Lily Glass, Video by Jenner Brown} 

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Hilton. All opinions are my own.

Oh Joy Day Trip: East Valley...

Day Trip: East Valley... / via Oh Joy!
For today's Oh Joy Day Trip we're East Valley bound! We've got you covered from coffee to one of the cutest shops around. Come check it out...


how to style with two rugs...

 How to style with two rugs... / via Oh Joy!

Since launching our Oh Joy! for Lorena Canals rugs, a lot of you have asked if they come in larger sizes. Because they need to be small enough to fit into a washing machine, they only come in one size (4'7"x 6'7"). So what do you do when you want to use one of our rugs to style a larger space? Use TWO of them! There are so many ways to pair them side-by-side and depending on how you position them, you might not even notice there's two of them. See how great they look as a duo...


a fruit board perfect for after school snacking!


My kids LOVE snacking on boards. It makes them eat things they wouldn't normally eat, plus it's a great way to feed a small group of hungry kids all at once. So today, we have a super easy fruit board that makes the perfect after school snack! It's an extra special way to serve fruit that'll get your kids and all their friends excited about having fruit as a treat. Here's how...


how to dress "fancy casual"...

How to Dress "Fancy Casual"... / via Oh Joy!

The other day, our Interim Creative Producer, Wilmarose, said to me: "You do fancy casual really well. You should do a blog post about that!" I had never heard that phrase before but it was a really great description of how I like to dress on most days. Something sparkly and special mixed with something more laid-back and comfortable. So, inspired by that conversation, here are a few of my favorite "Fancy Casual" looks and how I mix the pieces together to be both fun, yet special...


Happy Friday + My Life In Color!

Happy Friday + My Life in Color! / via Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! My talented friend Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House Lars Built recently launched a companion book to Craft The Rainbow called My Life In Color! It's a really beautiful journal full of prompts that help encourage personal exploration through COLOR. It's super fun and got me thinking about my favorite color...green!

I love green because it is so calming, can be paired with lots of colors (blue and pink are my favorite to pair it with!), and it reminds me of nature and growth. So to give you some GREEN inspiration, here are a few of my favorite ways we've used green to style over the last few years here at Oh Joy! From statement couches to home offices, even to an ENTIRE living room decked out in green...


Perler Bead Coaster DIY!

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

Who remembers playing with these beads when you were a kid to make key chains?! Today, we're showing you an updated way to use them by making...coasters! It'll have you feeling like a kid again with a VERY useful end result. Here's how...


a packable party...

How to throw a packable party... / via Oh Joy!

Oftentimes when I'm on vacation, I have friends or family who live nearby in the city that I want to see. It can be hard to meet everyone at a noisy restaurant when you just want to catch up on the years that have passed. So today, we've partnered with Homewood Suites by Hilton to show you how to throw a Packable Party you can host right in your hotel room and invite your pals for some catch-up time! Check out our fun video below!

{Photo by Lily Glass, Video by Jenner Brown} 

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Hilton. All opinions are my own.