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positive and negative space... 28 Feb 2017

Malika Favre



I'm loving the bold and graphic illustrations of French artist, Malika Favre, and her play and use of positive and negative space. Whether in art, design, or architecture, I love how the use of negative space plays with the eyes and makes your brain try and fill in what's missing. 

details, details... 23 Jan 2017

Alexandra Grecco


Valentino Summer 2013


I'm so inspired by textures, surprising details, and things that make my eyes look again...whether full of a million colors or only one, I'm loving all of this...

Sources: Alexandra Grecco gown, Delpozo Fall/Winter 2016, Valentino Summer 2013 via Vogue UK, and Delpozo Fall 2016 and Fall 2015.

like works of art... 18 Jan 2017




I find a ton of inspiration from fashion and designer's runway show like this Resort 2017 collection by Delpozo. Often, it's not the ready-to-wear version but the high concept, high fashion pieces that I'm intrigued by. The colors, the textures, and the mix of colors and textures. It's beautiful and stunning, and allows me to look at a form of art in a different way.

{Photos via Vogue.com}

infinite rainbows... 16 Jan 2017

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal

...in these pieces by Barcelona-based artist, Yago Hortal. I could stare into these all day long...

orange balloons... 23 May 2016

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by people doing creative things simply because they want know it will make someone—maybe some stranger they have never met—happy. Last week, my friend Jihan from Geronimo Balloons put up this balloon installation outside her studio in Echo Park. It was a two-day job so Ruby and I drove by two mornings in a row on the way to school/work to see the progress. This was day one above...

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

geronimo balloon installation in echo park

And, this was day 2 after it was completed. I mean, this child was seriously in balloon heaven. You can't help but smile when stumbling upon hundreds of orange balloons. Thanks, Jihan, for being awesome.

{Installation by Geronimo Balloons, photos by Oh Joy}

murals... 11 May 2016

Marie Claire Maison

Photowall Brussels

Leah Bartholomew Mural

Alisa Burke Mural

We're getting ready to do an Oh Joy mural project (weeee!), so I've been looking around for inspiration around the internet and had to share these beauties with you. We're working on something for a museum and can't wait to paint something big and lovely on some walls!

{Sources: Marie Claire MaisonPhotowall, Leah BartholomewAlisa Burke}

a few fun things... 9 May 2016

Ban.do pencil case

Lately, it's been very on-trend for adults to discover their child-like spirit with items meant to inspire us to just let go of our grown-up thinking (just for a second). Here are a few things for finding your inner youth we're loving lately...

Pencil Case by Ban.do (shown above)— Why did we stop using pencil cases after the age of 17? They are awesome and so useful (And, are useful for things other than pencils)!

Flowers coloring book

Flowers coloring book by Brittany Jepsen — Brittany is one of my favorite DIY bloggers and her coloring book is nothing short of beautiful. I love the sophisticated florals with a touch of whimsy that makes coloring feel both meditative and fun!

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Sticker subscriptions by Pipsticks — every month you get a cool, assorted pack of stickers...I mean, my 3-12 year old self is loving this. And, my current self, too.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}

sleepyheads... 22 Mar 2016

Sleepyheads by Christopher David Ryan

Sleepyheads by Christopher David Ryan

Sleepyheads by Christopher David Ryan

Sleepyheads by Christopher David Ryan Sleepyheads by Christopher David Ryan

One of my favorite illustrators, Christopher David Ryan, just released this super cute series of prints called Sleepyheads. They just make me smile...while also reminding me how much I really do love SLEEEEP!

{All artwork by CDR}


happy friday + lifting each other up... 11 Mar 2016


I came across this amazing gif the other day by Libby Vanderploeg which perfectly sums up how I feel about life, friends, work, and just existing on the earth right now. It's basically that we all need each other in some way to lift each other—whether personally, professionally, in real life, or virtually.

I hope you have a great weekend full of those who really bring out the best in you!

i love this... 11 Feb 2016

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

Torafu Wooden Blocks and Dowel Toy

...when one thing can turn into so many other things...

{Designed by Torafu, avaiable at Ichiro}


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