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currently snacking on... 21 Aug 2012


Oh, California...how I love you and your magical fruit! The other day I found these candy stripe figs at our local grocery store and had to try them. In season for only three weeks a year, this variety of fig has flesh that looks like raspberry jam with a slightly tart and more juicy flavor than regular figs. And with its beautiful candy cane skin, it's probably one of the prettiest fruits I've ever seen...

{photo by Oh Joy}

{taste it} mango oranges... 23 Feb 2012


One of the best things about living in Southern California is the incredible abundance of citrus fruit! The citrus season here not only lasts longer {from January through March at a minimum}, but the variety of options are pretty endless.


I'm a huge fan of blood oranges {especially moro}, pomelos, and Sumo tangerines. So this year, I was in search of a new breed of citrus to try out and discovered mango oranges after hearing about them from Greg. After stalking the produce guy at Whole Foods, I finally got my hands on some, and our dining table overflowed with oranges aplenty...


About the size of a small orange, mango oranges have a pretty pinkish hue to their flesh and taste a bit like an orange creamsicle...with a slight hint of vanilla and mango. It's on the sweet side...kind of like the meyer lemon of the orange world. They were fun to taste and would make a mean OJ lemonade mixed in with some sour lemons! Have you guys come across any other fun citrus hybrids lately you're loving? — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on... 20 Feb 2012


I was thinking the other day how you never really see a solely orange-based smoothie, and I missed that orange creamsicle-like flavor from one of my favorite stops at the mall, Orange Julius, as a kid. So, I sought out to recreate one with all natural ingredients, and it's since been my favorite treat this week. I combined one container of Chobani Champions Orange Vanilla yogurt {perfect size for making one smoothie!}, a Jolly Llama mango sorbet pop, and freshly squeezed orange juice in the blender {no ice needed because of the cold pop}...and voilà...orange creamsicle smoothie goodness! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

juicy fruit... 1 Feb 2012


Remember Push Ups from back in the day? I used to love those as a kid, but now for some reason, the artificial flavors don't seem quite as appetizing. Since I'm on a fruity kick lately, I'm seriously in love with these sorbet pops by Jolly Llama. The packaging is modern, the flavors are all nature, and the texture is silky and smooth...just like sorbet in a really easy to eat form. I bet kids would love 'em too. — Joy

{Available at local grocery stores here. Images by Jolly Llama.}

love these... 7 Sep 2011

Claire-nereim-fruit-print-1 Claire-nereim-fruit-print-2

...winter and summer fruit prints by Claire Nereim... — Joy

currently snacking on... 1 Jun 2011



Ever since I came back from Harbour Island, where we had fresh coconut water after every workout and watermelon slices to snack on all day, I've been on an island fruit kick! My boxed coconut water just doesn't taste the same. So I've been all about these fresh, young coconuts from the grocery store. We simply drill a hole in it {with a power drill}, stick in a straw, and it's like an instant paradise island. Mixed with some seedless watermelon, ah, so good... — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

{taste it} sumo mandarins... 15 Mar 2011



While many of my snacks are of the sweet and chocolate-y kind, I'm also a huge fan of citrus fruit...especially rare breeds like blood oranges, pomelos, and yuzu. My current favorite is the sumo mandarin, a cross between an orange and a tangerine, and the size of a large orange. It's super juicy, both sweet & tart, and barely has any seeds. It's also super easy to peel thanks to the giant nubbin up top. So far, I've only been able to find them at Whole Foods and have been loading up for a refreshing treat! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}

the color of fall... 11 Nov 2010



...red corn...so beautiful and so sweet!

{photos by Oh Joy}

yuzu fever... 4 Oct 2010


While in Japan, I got a serious case of Yuzu Fever. While I've had yuzu in Japanese dishes before, I had never had fresh yuzu juice...mixed with water or soda and ice, yuzu juice is like the best lemonade I've ever had. It tastes and smells like a really intense, fragrant lemon...with a little something extra I can't quite describe. Now that I am back in LA, I'm determined to find some juice here {which probably only comes in concentrate}...or maybe even grow a little yuzu tree in our backyard?

{photo by Oh Joy of fresh yuzu juice from the Nishiki Market}

off the tree... 13 Sep 2010

Fresh-figs2 copy

Today, one of my new neighbors brought me these fresh off the trees figs from a fig tree in our neighborhood. Sadly, I've only previously had figs in dried or Newton form so it was to my surprise and delight how refreshing these were compared the versions I've previously had. Fresh figs have a sweet, floral, chewy flesh and crunchy edible seeds. They're high in calcium and antioxidants and currently in season. So if you don't have an awesome neighbor to bring you some fresh off a tree {Thanks Elisa!}, they should still be available at your local grocery store.

{photo by Oh Joy}


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