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A "Clean Teeth" Kit! 13 Jul 2017

A "Clean Teeth" Kit!

As adults, we are the worst with oral health. Work, life, kids, and schedules get in the way and our own once good habits fall by the wayside. We often get lazy and forget to floss, fall behind on scheduling our dentist appointments, or fall asleep by accident on the couch by 8pm consumed by exhaustion and miss a tooth brushing before bed. 

When I was pregnant (both times), I remember how much I was told to keep up good oral hygiene because it can affect your baby, too. Believe it or not, up to 70% of pregnant women get gingivitis from changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. If you’re thinking about starting a family, pregnant or recently had a baby, a daily oral health routine is an important way to ensure healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy.

So today, we've teamed up with Crest and Oral-B, in partnership with the March of Dimes, to create this Clean Teeth Kit which gives you a fun and easy place to keep all of your oral hygiene items so you can see them and be reminded to use them. For me, if something isn't out right in front of my face, I will forget about it (i.e. when you keep floss in your bathroom drawer instead of on the bathroom counter you are less likely to floss!). Here's how to make it...


DIY Wrapped Clutch! 12 Jul 2017

DIY Wrapped Clutch!

If you're ever looking to change up a simple clutch you may already have lying around the house, here's an easy way to customize it using just some extra fabric and fabric glue. Here's how...


A Modern Picnic Basket! 28 Jun 2017

A Modern Picnic Basket DIY

Did you know I love a good picnic? Especially when they are unexpected and you just decide one day to gather up some friends and go hang in a field with some snacks. Picnic baskets feels old fashioned in some ways, but still so fun and novelty in other ways. Today, we're sharing this Modern Picnic Basket to make for yourself or someone else who loves a good picnic! Here's how...


mini fruit cookie tarts! 27 Jun 2017

mini fruit cookie tarts!

July 4th is next week...yessss!!! So today, we're sharing a simple but fun snack/dessert you can make and bring to a summer BBQ. We're calling them Mini Fruit Cookie Tarts. They mix fresh fruit and toppings with a crispy waffle cracker for a refreshing treat that tastes like summer!


Happy Friday + Happy National Pink Day! 23 Jun 2017

Mini Bouquet / oh joy!

Happy Friday! Did you know today is National Pink Day? In celebration, here's a few of my favorite past pink Oh Joy projects in case you're in the mood to make or style something pink this weekend... 


a summer activity tote... 22 Jun 2017

A Summer Activity Tote DIY

Summer is here and full of everyday adventures! Today, we've partnered with BAND-AID Bandages to make an activity tote to hold all your adventure essentials! Watch the video below to see how to make one!

A Summer Activity Tote DIY

 // CREDITS //
Brought to you by: Oh Joy + Band-Aid Brand
Creative Direction: Joy Cho and Julia Wester
Video: Jenner Brown
Music: "Make It Happen" by The Likes Of Us
Creative Production and Styling: Julia Wester
Production Assistant: Jessica Hong
Graphics: Angie Stalker
Still photos: Lily Glass

DIY fringe sandals! 15 Jun 2017

DIY fringe sandals / Oh Joy!

We're loving the fringe sandal trend happening right now. So today, we're showing you how to make a fun, colorful version really (really) easily! Here's how...


dark chocolate olive oil cake... 9 Jun 2017

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake by Karen Mordechai

Happy Friday! If you're looking for a for dessert to make this weekend, we're sharing the recipe for this Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers. I've been a fan of her blog forever, and her newest cookbook Simple Fare is a beautiful and inspiring guide to make delicious and simple recipes. And for a fun twist, most of the recipes have alternate options for you to customize to your particular taste! See how to make this delicious chocolate cake...


color-blocked floating shelves... 6 Jun 2017

color-blocked floating shelves

It's no secret we love color-blocking around here. It's an easy way to add interest to a wall with color. Adding a simple floating shelf can make any wall more decorative and functional. But...it looks especially good when you paint the shelves to match your wall. And then it looks even cooler when the wall is color-blocked! Here are some examples...


from this to that: earrings to brooch! 5 Jun 2017


We love coming up with ways to use things simply in unexpected ways! This is not as much of a DIY (like our last From This to That) as it is a style tip. You know when you see those dangly earrings that are super pretty but you know if you were to wear them, they would be too big or to heavy on your ears? Well, simply turn them into a brooch!

from this to that: earrings to brooch!

I came up with this idea because I alway want to be that person who can rock some amazing statement earrings but I can never keep them on for more than an hour and always go back to my dainty stud earrings. So, one day, I decided to attach them to my jacket and have been doing it ever since!

from this to that: earrings to brooch!

You can use just one statement piece, but we like it best when layered with a few other smaller earrings or pins as well!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, and crafting by Jess Hong.}


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