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a valentine for your boo... 8 Feb 2016

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Since Ruby's school doesn't allow candy for Valentine's Day exchanges, I'm always thinking about other fun things we can make and give to her friends instead. And...since we always have a ton of Band-Aids lying around (and kids love Band-Aids), we came up with a couple fun Valentines inspired by everyone's favorite boo-boo cover/body sticker.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

If you feel like gifting a whole box of Band-Aids, here's a punny wrap we designed that you can download right here. Simply print them on regular paper, cut it out, and use it to wrap around a standard size box of Band-Aids.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Add your greeting to the back, and boom! A valentine that also comes in handy for adventures throughout the year.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Or, if you don't want to give out a whole box of Band-Aids, you can use them as a decorative element for your love bugs, instead. Oh Joy Band-Aids worked perfectly to create fun little patterned bug bodies for these Valentine's Day postcards. Download our template here, print them on card stock, then cut out. Finally, add a Band-Aid to make the body of the bug!

I'm Stuck on You - box template

Be My Love Bug - card template

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, graphics by Angie Stalker}

mini valentine's brooch bouquets... 1 Feb 2016

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

While flowers are an obvious gift to give for Valentine's Day, they are also always a people pleaser. There are very few people in the world who don't like flowers (and if you don't like them, I want to know who you are!). Whether you're gifting your mom, your teacher, your co-workers, or your besties, here are some Mini Valentine's Brooch bouquets that are super easy to put together...

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

All you'll need are your favorite blooms, some pins (we used both new and vintage), and strips of leftover fabric to tie the bouquets. Simply assemble your mini bouquet with blooms of your choice, then wrap the stems and tie with a strip of fabric. Pin your brooch to the fabric for a decorative accent that your gal pal can also wear later on her collar and think of you every time she does!

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

And, don't forget to add non-floral plants like kumquats off your tree or basil for an extra dose of color, texture, and fragrance. We topped this one with a vintage brooch I've had for years!

mini valentine's brooch bouquets

Or use a modern pin like this one from Ban.do for your nearest and dearest. You can make the bouquets up to one day before you're planning to give them out. If you make them in advance, make sure to keep each bouquet in cool water in the fridge and then tie them and pin them right before giving them out!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling and florals by Julia Wester}


mini holiday cookies! 16 Dec 2015

Mini Holiday Cookies!

Everyone loves a good holiday cookie. And, I love EASY holiday cookies. With the help of my friend Claire from Kitchy Kitchen, today we're showing you how to make these verrrrrrry tasty cookies! Check out the video below to see how...


displaying those holiday cards... 14 Dec 2015

How to Display Holiday Cards

Right about now, you might be getting holiday cards arriving daily to your mailbox from friends and family. I love seeing how everyone's family has grown and changed over the past year. But by the time the end of the year comes, we usually have 30-50 cards that have arrived that we have no idea what to do with. I used to just put them on the fridge as one does. But once you get more than 12, then it tends to get crazy or I'd simply run out of magnets. This year, we came up with a simple solution, and all you need are some hangers and binder clips!

How to Display Holiday Cards

Simply use small or medium binder clips (we used these) and attach them to the bottom of a hanger of your choice. I got these black and white raffia wrapped ones a couple years ago in London, but you can duplicate that wrapped look by using yarn to wrap any old hanger and securing it with a knot when you've wrapped it all the way around.

How to Display Holiday Cards

The nice thing about this format is that you can cluster a few cards together and just add more as you get more. By having them in groups, you can put them all in one area of your home or scattered throughout different areas to show off those you love.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Crafts and styling by Julia Wester.}

a cozy indoor campfire... 7 Dec 2015

Cozy Indoor Campfire DIY

I love the holidays and creating fun new experiences to make each holiday season just a little bit different than the last. With my busy schedule (from work to kids to life), it can be difficult to create everything totally from scratch. Today, in collaboration with Target, I’m showing you how to make a cozy camping scene indoors with this faux campfire. It’s a fun way to bring a little wintry coziness to your next holiday gathering! Play the video below to see more!

Brought to you by: Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction: Joy Cho
Video: Jenner Brown
Music: “Good Times" by Sofia
Crafts and Production: Ariel Fulmer and Julia Wester
Hair and Makeup: Danielle Walch

*This post is sponsored by Target. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

happy friday + a gift for a gift! 4 Dec 2015

Oh Joy Book

Earlier this year, we launched the Oh Joy book—and it was no small feat. I was pregnant while working on that book (and was ordered to go on bed rest while also dealing with gestational diabetes), so it was like birthing a baby in addition to the real one I did have. We love hearing from those of you who have the book and how much you enjoy it. If you plan to gift the Oh Joy book to anyone this holiday season, I wanted to extend a thank you by giving YOU a gift for the gift you are about to give someone else.

Oh Joy "Way with Words" print

If you purchase the book this holiday season, please fill out this form and we'll send you this special limited edition "Way with Words" print from the book! It's an 8x10 print and was one of my favorite images to make. You can frame it or hang it casually for a fun pop of color and type!

P.S. How we picked the book cover.

Have a great weekend!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Ariel Fulmer}

a paper holiday wreath DIY... 2 Dec 2015

a paper holiday wreath DIY

‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts! I always have a ton of wrapping paper left over during the holidays, so we wanted to figure out a way to make use of those extra scraps from a past wrap session. So we combined it with one of my favorite holiday décor pieces—a cheerful wreath. In partnership with Johnson & Johnson, here’s an easy-to-make paper wreath that can last all season long on your front door, over the mantle, or any place that could use some holiday cheer...


10 of my favorite blogger books! 11 Nov 2015

My Favorite Blogger Books

2015 is the year of the blogger books! (I'm guilty of that one, too). With so many books out by many of my friends and colleagues in the blogging world, I wanted to share some of my favorites from this year with you...


how to use a flower frog... 3 Nov 2015

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

Have you ever wondered how florists and stylists make their flower arrangements look so good? Sometimes you can buy the prettiest flowers, but once you place them in a vase (especially vases that have a large opening), they just flop to the side and don't look like that glorious arrangement you imagined it would be. The simple answer to making an arrangement look totally legit is to use a flower frog!

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

There are many different kinds of flower frogs, but here are three of the most common and our favorites:

1. Cage - metal or plastic holders formed like a dome or cage to keep stems in place.

2. Glass - a heavy glass piece with holes to hold each stem. They come in a variety of different colors and most commonly found as vintage.

3. Pin - a heavy metal base with spiky pins to hold stems in place. This is the most common type of flower frog and the easiest to find at a very reasonable price. We always have a couple of these on hand at home and at the studio for arrangements.

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

Dropping fresh cut flowers in a vase can be beautiful, but flower frogs are necessary when you need something a little more elaborate or when you have a container with a wide opening. These types of vases (shown above) are the types where a flower frog makes a world of difference. We're showing you a few of these examples with a short, square vase and a tapered wide-mouth vase. So that instead of looking limp and lacking structure...

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

...it looks like this! Here are a few tricks for using a flower frog like a pro:

1. Decide if this will be a centerpiece or if it will sit against a wall so you can decide how to build it. We like to start at the back for an arrangement that will be placed against a wall and start on the inside and work your way out for a centerpiece arrangement. (The example above shows a piece where we started from back to front).

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

2. Fill the vase with the secondary (less expensive florals and filler) first to create the shape and height before you add the “wow” flowers (in our case, the peonies). Then use the more wispy elements to fill holes and add interest. For this square vase we used the cage frog and filled in the back with large secondary blooms including hydrangea and chrysanthemum. We cut the stems slightly larger for the blooms in the back of the arrangement to create an illusion of height and then tapered it down to the front.

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

3. If you're using a clear glass vase, you can use extra greenery and leaves to wrap inside the vase to hide the stems and flower frog. Once the shape of the arrangement is there, we put in the fuchsia cockscomb and the pink peonies. We then camouflaged the flower frog with a fern leaf and several leaves from the hydrangea.

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

For the tapered vase, we used a pin frog that fit right in the bottom of the vessel. We styled it as a centerpiece and created a first ring of chrysanthemums before adding greenery and then finishing with the peonies. Whichever way you go, the idea is simply to start with a base of flowers and add height, texture and points of focus as you build. The flower frog helps keep everything in place and if you change your mind, just remove it and place it somewhere else!

Oh Joy / How to Use a Flower Frog

More than anything, just have fun with it. We're not a professional florists over here, so there are surely other rules that others could tell you about arranging flowers. But these are some general rules that work for us for something quick, easy, and beautiful!

And ps. a quick tip since some flowers come totally closed up when you buy them—if you have a floral bud that has yet to fully open, use warm water in your arrangement and it will open faster.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Styling and florals by Ariel Fulmer.}

behind the scenes / choosing an oh joy book cover! 2 Nov 2015

Oh Joy Book / Creating a Book Cover

I love sharing more behind the scenes stuff with you guys to show how designs evolve into the final product. So today, I'm sharing a bit about the cover of the Oh Joy book that came out earlier this year. That book was a labor of love between my entire team, and we spent almost year creating it from start to finish. I was also pregnant during most of that time so it felt like even a bigger feat to tackle last year. But we did it!

We probably looked at hundreds of versions but for the sake of not boring you guys with every single tweak and revision, I've narrowed it down to the main sets and groups of what we designed/looked at/reviewed with Harper Collins (my book publisher)... 



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