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pattern adventures: an abstract kids' room!


For this month's Pattern Adventures we're mixing things up by going abstract! We brought in fun shapes with a simple DIY dresser that anyone can create, complemented with other subtle patterns, and lots of bright colors. Here's how we did it...


making wishes...

Making Wishes with Kids / Oh Joy!

Sometimes on Instagram Stories, I'll share little activities or things I do with my kids that you guys ask details about afterwards. So I wanted to start sharing them here on the blog, too, so they can have a place to live on forever.

While we were in Hawaii, my kids loved passing by fountains and throwing in coins to make wishes. Kids' wishes are so simple and pure and mine often said they wanted to fly or wanted to see a rainbow. So, inspired by my kids' love of making wishes in fountains and my friend, Max Wanger's "dreams list" he wrote with his son recently, I asked my girls to write down their wishes. Well, actually, this is just Ruby's since Coco can't write more than her name right now. But, if you have a kid who doesn't yet write, you can also ask them to tell them to you and write for them. The fun thing about this exercise is they get to think about actual things they wish for as well as things outside of the scope of the real world. Because to kids, those lines are so blurred right now. Anyway, for those of you with kids or nieces/nephews, kids you babysit...try it out! It would be fun to make these Wish Lists regularly and watch how they change over time!

fun ways to use a mini tote...

New York Mini Tote Bag / Oh Joy!

I find myself constantly using tote bags for carrying stuff to and from work, holding fresh produce from the farmer's market, groceries from the store...basically anytime I leave the house I have a tote in hand. So when we recently started carrying these super cute city mini totes by Maptote in the Oh Joy Shop, I started thinking about all the ways we could use them...not just for carrying everyday things but also for GIFTS! Because these bags are a little smaller than your average tote, they are the perfect size for packing full of treats and other little gifts. Here are a few of my favorite ways to use them...


our family vacation to hawaii!

A Family Vacation to Hawaii / Oh Joy!

A Family Vacation to Hawaii / Oh Joy!

Last week for spring break, we took a family trip to Hawaii. We had not been on a longer vacation like this in a couple years...AND the trip was extra special because we also brought along my parents and my brother for an extended family trip! With my parents living in Philly and us living in Los Angeles, we only get to see them in person a couple times a year. It's always bittersweet to have your kids so far away from their grandparents, so it was an opportunity to spend really great quality time with them. Also, my dad hasn't been on a vacation in TEN YEARS! He is a business owner and workaholic like I am, so I had to force him to come with us. I convinced him we had to take the chance to do these things while we can and not keep putting it off. In partnership with Disney's Aulani Resort, we had SUCH a great week in Oahu. Here's a look at what we did if you'd like to see...


Oh Joy! for Tula: Behind the Scenes...

Oh Joy for Tula: Behind The Scenes with Joy Cho and Ula Tuszewicka

Happy Tuesday! Last week, we launched our brand new Oh Joy! For Tula collection (thank you for all your love and support!). Today, I wanted to show you some behind the scenes fun from the collaboration and a peek into how it all came together. Take a look at this fun video that the team at Tula put together!


dull to colorful: an old wicker chair...

An Easy Way to Transform an Old Wicker Chair / Oh Joy!

We love finding vintage pieces and making them good as new! In the beginning of the year, we showed you how to spruce up a vintage end table, and today, we're showing you a very easy step-by-step on how to transform a vintage wicker chair into a beautiful, sleek addition to your home! Here's what we started with...


a fun easter DIY for kids...

A Fun Easter DIY for Kids! / Oh Joy!

I can't believe Easter is this coming weekend! If you're looking for a simple last-minute idea to spruce up your table and have an activity ready to keep little ones busy, you're in luck! Because today, we've partnered with Wonderful Halos to show you how to turn the Pure Goodness of Wonderful Halos mandarins into adorable Easter animals with the help of our printable template! Halo mandarins are a sweet and colorful addition for any time of the day, so it's extra fun to incorporate them into crafts with kids. Their naturally bright orange color makes the perfect backdrop for these sweet Easter bunnies and chicks. Here's how to make them... 


Introducing Oh Joy For Tula!

Introducing Oh Joy For Tula Baby Carriers!

Good morning! I am SO excited to announce our latest collaboration...Oh Joy for Tula! We partnered with the beloved baby carrier company, Tula, to create baby carriers, blankets, and doll carriers in our signature whimsical prints and colors. Come see...


travel must-haves with kids...


This weekend, we're headed to Disney's Aulani Resort in Oahu for spring break! I'm so excited to take my kids on vacation as it's been a few years since we have gone away together for more than just a weekend. As I prep for our trip, I wanted to share a few things I'm bringing that are so helpful for us (and fun for kids!) to take when traveling...

1. Wee Society Adventure Journal — Sometimes kids can feel overwhelmed with a completely blank journal, so I love this one which has illustrations, questions, and prompts to fill out about their current or recent adventures! This will come with us on the plane and also help keep my 6-year-old occupied when we're out at dinners waiting food to come out!

2. Oh Joy! for CALPAK packing cubes — I obviously love these because they are one of our products. But these packing cubes really are a life changer! When traveling with kids, I assign a cube (or two) to each child to keep their clothes for the full trip organized and contained. I love that you can also add labels so it's easy to tell what is what before opening them. 

3. Totokan portable monitor — While my kids aren't babies anymore, when we're in a new place, sometimes they'll be a little unsettled the first night or two. So, it's helpful to have a baby monitor in the room they are sleeping in to check in when needed. This one is wireless and portable making it perfect for travel.

4. Love Taza neck pillow with hood — Planes can get cold, so I love these cutie koala neck pillows with hood by our friends over at Love Taza!

5. Love Taza kids activity kit — This little kit is going to be a lifesaver for us on the plane. It's full of so many types of activities and offers a great alternative to airplane screen time.

6. Lil Gadgets wireless headphones — While my kids' ipad time is very limited, they definitely get to have more of it for long plane rides. Wireless headphones for kids are key so that they don't disrupt others, and so the cords don't get all tangled up.

7. State Bags mini backback — A backpack is a must-have for the plane ride, and I love the mini ones from State Bags because the quality is SO good. Plus, for every bag purchased, a backpack full of school supplies is given to a child in need.

5 'girl power' books for kids...


As the mom of two girls, I am always on the lookout for great books that show my girls examples of amazing women in the past, present, and future. Here are a few of my favorites for young kids (both boys and girls) that emphasize girl power!

1. Little Feminist book set, 2. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, part 1 and part 2, 3. Little People, Big Dreams series (like Rosa Parks and Coco Chanel), 4. She Persisted, 5. My First Book of Girl Power.