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happy friday! 4 Apr 2014

Oh Joy / Mama love

I had to share this outtake from our recent shoot for our cover of The Land of Nod catalog. I just love this photo and this moment so, so much. I hope your weekend is full of pure joy...just. like. this.

P.S. Thanks for having a good laugh about my little April Fool's post. See the bottom of that post for details on the real deal ;)

{Photo by Sasha Gulish for The Land of Nod} 

oh joy for nod! 3 Apr 2014

Oh Joy for Nod collection

I'm excited to announce the launch of the Oh Joy for Nod kids' bedding and decor collection! Inspired by Ruby and her transition to a big girl room, the collection is a limited-edition bedding and home decor line for kids. It includes baby, toddler, and kids' bedding, pillows, lamps, plush toys, rugs, and a curated collection of art to go with it all.

Oh Joy for Nod collection

The Sundae Best collection is inspired by Ruby's favorite food—ice cream—and how fun it would be to sleep surrounded by your favorite treat. I wanted to create an abstracted version of ice cream with sprinkle sheets and a cone-inspired pattern on the duvet. Topped with the ice cream cone and cherry pillows, it's seriously what my dreams are made of.

Oh Joy for Nod collection

The Pattern Party collection is inspired by the shapes that kids draw when they are first learning to draw and explore their creativity. I wanted to foster rooms that will inspire kids and give them the foundation for to help explore what else is possible in the world. All of the bedding is designed to be mixed and matched and to grow with your child so it doesn't feel too limited to babies and can also work for a pre-teen room as well.

Oh Joy for Nod collection

On Monday, I'll be sharing before and after photos of Ruby's room as we transformed it from a baby room to a big girl room with my new collection!

{Photos by Sasha Gulish for The Land of Nod} 

love this... 25 Mar 2014

Children's paintings framed as art / by Sawyer Berson

Children's paintings framed as art / by Sawyer Berson

Children's paintings framed as art / by Sawyer Berson

...children's paintings and drawings turning into perfect pieces of art by Sawyer Berson. While I am sure there's plenty of artwork to be framed in a child's lifetime, I love that this elevates and celebrates their creations for everyone to see.

5 tips for applying to pre-school... 21 Mar 2014

Oh Joy / Ruby

It's been a while since I've talked about what's going on in the parenting world part of my life lately, so I want to share a little bit about applying to pre-school. I didn't want to go all "crazy mom" and get stressed about this process. But I did. I got stressed, I made a crazy spreadsheet comparing all the pre-schools we were looking at for Ruby, and I was up at night worrying about if she'd get into any of them. And at the end of the day, it all worked out how it was supposed to. 

Just as a foreword to this post, I am fully aware that the process of applying to pre-school isn't as competitive everywhere as it is here in Los Angeles. In many parts of the country (and even outside of the U.S.), you just fill out an application, put down a deposit, and your child gets to go to wherever you want him or her to. But here in LA (and other large cities like New York and San Francisco), applying to pre-school can feel like the second coming of college applications. There are limited spots and a small percentage of the applicants actually get in. It can be super competitive. You're going up against kids of actors and astronauts and parents who all have really cool jobs.

For the privacy of my family and our community, I won't be talking specifically about where we applied or where Ruby is going to pre-school, but I thought the process was so fascinating that I wanted to share few tips with those of you who might be approaching this subject in your lives in the near future...

Oh Joy / Ruby

1. Decide what kind of school environment makes sense for your child and your family. Some parents want their kids to run free and enjoy playing while they can. Some parents want structure. There are play-based schools, Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, and schools that are a combination of them all. Some schools split up the kids by age and some mix them all together. During the process of touring schools, we decided early on that we wanted Ruby to have a mix of play and learning. We wanted her to go into kindergarten with a good comprehension of her letters and words, and be on her way to reading. And we wanted a school that would offer her inspiration and ways of learning that we wouldn't be able to provide on our own. 

2. Tour a few schools and watch how the kids interact with the teachers and with each other. Do the kids at the school seem interested and engaged? How do the teachers engage them? The biggest turn-off for us was when we visited a school and saw that a child was bored and sitting in the corner by him or herself, or playing in a patch of dirt when there were plenty of other things to do. You want your child to love going there and to constantly feel engaged.

3. Think about the most important factors for you. It's sort of like any other life decision—what's most important to you if you can't get everything you want? Location? Cost? Style of learning? Schedule? For us, it was about the style of learning, a school that offered early drop-off hours, and the location (something within 10-15 minutes of our offices or our home). 

4. Participate in Parent & Me classes if available. Some schools offer Parent & Me classes where, for a couple hours each week, you can experience a sampling of what the school has to offer. It gets your child familiar with a more formal school set-up, and you get to know the teachers and their style of instruction better. And, in my opinion, it really helps when you're applying to a school if the staff already knows you and your child. It always helps your application and can never hurt your chances. Plus, that way, the school can make its decision based on how well your child would fit into the school and not just based on what your family looks like on paper.

5. You don't have to sign-up at birth. When we were pregnant, people asked us if we were going to start looking at pre-schools and we were blown away. I hear some people do put their unborn children on pre-school waitlists, but I had no desire to do that not knowing what Ruby's personality would be like. It was much better that we waited until she was an actual toddler. We started looking at pre-schools soon after Ruby turned two, a few months before all the deadlines for that school year. We looked at five schools, applied to three, and she got into two of them. We honestly loved all the schools we applied to, but chose the final one based on Ruby's personality now and where we thought she'd flourish the most.

At the end of the day, your kids will turn out fine no matter where they go. The pre-school your child goes to doesn't dictate if they'll go to Harvard. I went to very ordinary pre-school and turned out fine. However, I wasn't the best traditional learner as a kid, and did best when learning visually, so it really made me want to give her additional opportunities that I didn't have. I think if you have choices, it's worth researching what's best for your family and your child. It can only enrich your child's learning and imagination.

If you have pre-school aged kids, did you guys have to go through this crazy process, too? Anything else you learned in your experience?

{Top photo by Bob Cho. Bottom photo by Casey Brodley.}

mini me... 19 Mar 2014


{MiniWhistle & Flute ice cream tank,  Thief and Bandit leggings, Zara sandals. Me: Urban Outfitters earrings, Boden floral top, Gap shorts, Loeffler Randall sandals.}

my little polka dot doctor... 12 Mar 2014

Oh Joy / Ruby

Just when I've had the worst day or feeling stressed about something, Ruby comes along and says the best things, and I've completely forgotten about all the other moments that preceded that one. So today I must share with you a few things my 2 and a half year old has been saying lately...

Ruby: I wanna be a doctor, Daddy!
Bob: Great! What kind of doctor?
Ruby: A Polka Dot Doctor.

"I need to buy some money so we can get a new house."

"I'm gonna go type an email on my super duper computer."

"Daddy, please join us!"

"Hold on, it's loading..." (said while turning on her penguin humidifier)

"I'm going to my workshop in Switzerland. It costs $100 for 3 minutes."

And then, when your kids figure out your name...

art/mo is coming to stockholm & new york... 25 Feb 2014

Art/Mo Project

My pals—photographer Jennifer Young and balloon artist Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo—are taking their Art/Mo Project party portraits to Stockholm and New York!

Art/Mo Project

Art/Mo Project

Art/Mo Project

Art/Mo Project

Whether you're looking for a way to capture your engagement, your family, or simply a photo with your besties, it's a fun way to loosen up in front of the camera and have photos you'll treasure. Above are a few images from our session as well as some of my other favorites.

The next one will be in Stockholm March 6th and 7th and NYC April 3rd, 4th, and 5th and offering a few extra extended length portrait sessions at sunrise and sunset each day. Anyone interested can visit the Art/Mo shop to sign-up!

{Photos by Jennifer Young}

ruby lately... 21 Feb 2014

Oh Joy / Ruby ballet class

Oh Joy / Ruby ballet class

At almost two and a half, this girl is full of life and sass. And she loves to keep busy. When we're not playing at home or outside, we try and take her to the abundance of kids classes that L.A. has to offer... 

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happy valentine's day! 14 Feb 2014

Oh Joy / Ruby in ArtMo Project

Oh Joy / Ruby in ArtMo Project

Oh Joy / Ruby in ArtMo Project

I hope your Valentine's Day looks like this...

Oh Joy / Ruby in ArtMo Project

...and not like this...

{Photos by Jennifer Young and Geronimo's Art/Mo Project

happy friday + happy to be here... 7 Feb 2014

Oh Joy | Ruby

Every night before Ruby hops into the bathtub, she like to climb into our bed and have us tell her a made-up story. She'll say "banana story!" or "polka dot story!" so we tell her a quick story about a banana or a polka dot (usually named Ruby). It's a simple moment that has become part of our nighttime routine. The other night, I didn't realize Bob took a photo of us during our little story time, and I love this so much. It just reminds me with all the hustle and bustle and stress and worry about life, I can take a step back and know that I am simply happy to be where I am right now.

I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead, friends!

P.S. Thanks SO much to everyone who bought something from my Hunters Alley sale. We've raised over $1000 to benefit My Stuff Bags. There a few items left if anyone is interested.


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