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the oh joy studio kitchen: final reveal! 21 Sep 2017

the oh joy studio kitchen

In May, I shared the beginning plans of our Oh Joy studio kitchen in the process of renovation. And finally, three months later, it's done and I'm excited to share the images and process with you today! I worked with my talented friend Sarah Sherman Samuel to design the kitchen. She has such a modern and chic aesthetic, and I loved seeing how she brought her style and the Oh Joy style together into our new kitchen.

the oh joy studio kitchen / before

the oh joy studio kitchen / before

As a reminder, here's the BEFORE. The before kitchen was very utilitarian and would serve a normal office just fine. However, with a team of six people who eat lunch and make coffee/snacks here every day, I was ready for a real, full-functioning kitchen so that we could heat up meals, cook when needed, as well as have full-sized appliances for food storage, washing dishes, etc. Also, being that we create content daily, I wanted to have a kitchen that also looked beautiful in our food stories and represented Oh Joy while still feeling classic over time. 

the oh joy studio kitchen / progress

the oh joy studio kitchen / progress

the oh joy studio kitchen / progress

Since my own home is a rental and I haven't been able to renovate there, this is my first time doing a real structural renovation. We have a very long lease on our new office, so for me, it was worth the investment of what we'll get out of a new kitchen to make the changes...and our landlord is awesome and was very flexible with what we wanted to do. We worked with Goodfellas Construction to turn Sarah's design into reality. Above, you can see a few steps along the way which was really fun to watch over time.

the oh joy studio kitchen

the oh joy studio kitchen

...and here's the AFTER! With primary shades of white, mint, and gold, the kitchen looks chic and fresh, yet still has a touch of Oh Joy whimsy. I love that the kitchen feels open, yet with the added peninsula on the right, there is more counter space for food prep or for when we are hosting and need an area for food to be out and easily served. We got honed marble (that's the matte version) for the countertops which feels luxurious and makes the whole kitchen look fancy, but is one of the more durable options as far as marble goes.

the oh joy studio kitchen

the oh joy studio kitchen

the oh joy studio kitchen

When it came to appliances, the main components we needed in the kitchen included: A Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Countertop Oven and Coffee Brewer for our day-to-day team needs. For our shoots and making recipes for the blog, we needed a Range that included a stove and oven, and a Stand Mixer. I was thrilled to work with KitchenAid on this makeover and to design our kitchen in a functional way to include so many small and large appliances while still being beautiful.

the oh joy studio kitchen

 the oh joy studio kitchen

When it comes to clean, white cabinets, IKEA always comes to the rescue. I love how these are very affordable kitchen cabinets, yet they look totally custom in this high-end looking kitchen. The cabinets are so functional, too.  We have a pull-out drawer for our trashcans, a cabinet specifically to hold an under-counter microwave, and mixed both drawer and shelf options for storage. We got everything in a matte white finish and added gold hardware to the doors to add extra detail and a brass faucet for that extra special touch. We also added the signature Oh Joy color-blocked wall to one side of the kitchen to accentuate the green from the tile.

the oh joy studio kitchen

Around the time that Sarah and I began talking about the kitchen, we were in the process of designing our newly released Oh Joy for Clé Tile. She chose to incorporate our Petal tile design into the kitchen in a more random, tossed look which I love. Both walls are topped off with these chic and classic Cedar & Moss sconces which will add extra mood and lighting when we have evening events at the studio.

the oh joy studio kitchen

I am IN LOVE with this kitchen and truly get excited to use it every day!

P.S. You can see more of the design process over at Sarah's blog post right here.

*A HUGE thank you to KitchenAid, IKEA, Cedar & Moss, and Clé Tile for providing their products for our kitchen remodel.



Design & Styling / Sarah Sherman Samuel

Appliances / KitchenAid

Sink/Faucet / Ferguson

Lighting / Cedar & Moss

Tile / Oh Joy for Clé Tile

Stools / CB2

Cabinetry / IKEA

Contractor / Good Fellas

Marble / Modul Marble 

Marble Installation / Planet Stone 

Electrician / Power Electrical Services 

Gold Shelf Brackets / Rejuvenation 

Photography / Monica Wang

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For me, I totally love surprises. But I also find that I am hard to surprise because I am very aware of when people are being sneaky. I knew the day my husband was planning to propose because of all the weird things he did...I knew something was off. He doesn't want to believe that I knew ahead of time, but I totally sensed it.

So, I'm curious...do YOU like surprises? And have you been able to be surprised before?

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