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three ways to fill a vase... 9 Mar 2016

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

I have an obsession with vessels of all sorts...vases being one of my most beloved vessels. Vases are beautiful and decorative, but how often do we really have fresh flowers in our vases? For me, not as often as I think (or hope) I will. So today, we're sharing a few ways to keep those vases filled even when they aren't filled with fresh blooms...

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

1. Studio Helper - Place a vase desk-side and turn it into a decorative caddy for your office essentials.

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

2. Botanical Marie Antoinette - For a romantic addition your vase, add some faux palm fronds and/or feathers. They add a light and organic shape to an otherwise structured base.

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

3. We Like to Party - Use leftover party supplies (like tissue paper pom-poms and honeycomb balls attached to skewers, sparkly drink stirrers, or noise makers) to create a happy display for an actual party...or for any corner of your home that could use a little festivity.

What other fun things would you fill a vase with?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, all background wallpaper by Chasing Paper, vase is Oh Joy for Target}

clustering tabletop centerpieces... 4 Mar 2016

clustering tabletop centerpieces

One of my favorite mantras when it comes to simple decor—whether for a temporary party or an everyday area in your home—is to "cluster it"! In many cases, things just look better in multiples. So today, we wanted to show you how you can create a table centerpiece using a few different types of things that you might already have at home...

clustering tabletop centerpieces

1. Found Objects - whether that means vintage knick-knacks you have been collecting, leftover paper balls from your last party, or even your kid's toys, by grouping them together, they create a vignette that would look great on a table for a party or on the top of a mantle for everyday decor that you can easily change as you wish.

clustering tabletop centerpieces

2. House Plants - If you have lots of small plants around your home, gather them all together in a nice neat row, add some confetti, and you've got an easy centerpiece for a dinner party...made with some things you already had.

clustering tabletop centerpieces

3. Flowers in drinking glasses - Rather than having to buy a ton of vases, simply use drinking glasses to hold a group of your favorite blooms. Whether on a coffee table or a party buffet table, each glass only needs to hold a few flowers, but it adds immediate impact by clustering them all together.

No matter what you use, the idea is simply to take multiples of one thing and put them together to instantly style an area that needs a little extra love.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney.} 

3 ways to decorate with string lights... 25 Feb 2016

3 Ways to Decorate with String Lights

The year was 1997, and I moved into my first college dorm room at Syracuse University. As every college student does with limited space and limited decor options, I taped string lights (um, Christmas lights to be exact) to my side of the room onto the painted cement walls. I plugged them in every night while doing my homework and always found them to add just the perfect glow. Fast forward to 2016, and I still love string lights. Used in the right way, a strand (or two or three) casts the most subtle and beautiful glow in any space. So here are a few ways to decorate with string lights (we used the Oh Joy for Target dotty lights in these examples)...


oh joy it up! 18 Feb 2016


We've had such a fun time styling rooms with the new Oh Joy for Target home decor collection. Today, I’ll show you how you can refresh a space and add a little Joy to everyday. Watch the video below and follow along on our Pinterest board to see more styling and decorating ideas!

Share how you’re using the collection in your home with the hashtag #ohjoyfortarget!

Brought to you by: Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction: Joy Cho
Video: Jenner Brown
Music: “Lemonade“ by The Dinahs
Production and Styling: Julia Wester
Production Assistant: Casey Brodley
Hair and Makeup: Danielle Walch
Graphics: Angie Stalker

wallpapering for renters... 17 Feb 2016

Wallpapering for Renters

Oh wallpaper. It's one of those home decor items that so many people love, but so many are also afraid of. Whenever I share photos of my living room (which is covered head-to-toe in wallpaper), we get a lot of questions from those of you who can't or don't want to put up something so permanent. Usually, you love wallpaper but...

A. You don't own your home and your landlord won't let you use wallpaper.

B. At $150/roll, it can get pricey to wallpaper a whole room or even a whole wall.

C. You're not sure if you will love THAT ONE PATTERN...forever.

So we came up with an easy solution for adding some wallpaper love to your home that doesn't involve a huge commitment or lots of money. Simply wallpaper one giant panel and turn it into a statement piece for any room. We used one single roll of wallpaper from Justina Blakeney's collection to demonstrate. Here's how...


soft hearts run free... 11 Feb 2016


If you're looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift to make for a friend or loved one, check out these no-sew pillows we made for the L.A. Times!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling and crafting by Julia Wester}

a changing gallery wall... 9 Feb 2016

How to Change Up Your Gallery Wall

There's nothing I love more in a home than a good gallery wall. With my love of artwork and prints by all the talented artists and makers out there, I have grown a collection of art that I want to share and display. I have two large gallery walls that you may have seen previously—one in my home and one in my studio—and I wanted to show you how they have changed over the years and also my tips on how to change them when you're feeling like a refresh...

Oh Joy Living Room / designed by Emily Henderson

2010 - In 2010, we had our living room designed by a certain interior designer/blogger named Emily Henderson for her then-show Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV. She is the queen of gallery walls, and I owe her a life-sized cut-out of Ryan Gosling for showing me how to do it right. You can read Emily's tips right here for how to create a gallery wall from scratch.

Prints in 2010 photo: lady print by Peggy Wolf, floral hedgehog byChipmunk Cheeks, vintage poodle print from Rosebowl flea market, popsicle print by Anna Tillett, heart by CDR, portrait by Gemma Correll, bird print by Yumi Yumi, Manhattan print by Jim Datz for Three Potato Four, lemon print by Dear Colleen, lady print by Peggy Wolf, Swan girl print by Sophie Blackall, rabbit by Fifi Lapin, and buildings by Julia Rothman. Photo by Laure Joliet.

Oh Joy Living Room / designed by Emily Henderson

2012 - After the show in 2010, Emily and I became fast (real-life) friends cemented by our love of The Bachelor. We realized how much we loved working together so we did it again with a baby-proof update to my living room. She helped me update the art so that it felt a bit more unified with the same frame colors and a color palette that had pops of blue that tied back to the baby-proofed couch cover we added.

Prints in 2012 photo: Brooklyn Print by Jim Datz; Summer's End Print by Aeropagita; Polaroid Prints by Jen Gotch, "Static" and "Lucky 13"; Before Print by Leah Giberson; Female Portrait by Zoe Pawlak; Abstract Painting by Michelle Armas; ceramic hanging woman is vintage; Heart Print by Christopher David Ryan. Photo by Bonnie Tsang.

Oh Joy Living Room

2016 - Four years later, I was ready to freshen up the wall again. This time I updated just a few pieces and wanted to keep the overall layout the same as before. Using the placement that Emily established previously, I added in some gold frames to mix in with the white frames as well as dimensional elements like the neon heart.

Prints in 2016 photo: Heart Print by Christopher David Ryan, Oh Joy for Target "You're Okay" print, Summer's End Print by Aeropagita, Abstract Painting by Michelle Armas, Polaroid Prints by Jen Gotch, "Static", Oh Joy for Target "Hey Hey Hey" print, Oh Joy for Target neon heart light (restocking soon). Photo by Casey Brodley.

After changing the art a few times now on the same wall, here is what I've learned:

1. Establish a general sense of size, quantity, and layout of artwork from the beginning. Emily changed our layout significantly from 2010 to 2012 by reducing the number of pieces and using larger pieces. I definitely like the update more as I preferred the larger pieces and being able to focus on fewer pieces that felt more unified (especially up against that graphic wallpaper). Once the preferred layout was established, it was much easier to change in 2016 when I did it myself.

2. Use the existing art (and the nail/hooks that hold it as a basis for where you'll put the replacement). This might sound obvious, but sometimes a new piece isn't the same exact size as a previous one. Using an existing hook as your guide, place a new piece on the old hook, and then take a step back. From there, you can tell if you need to move the piece up, down, left or right a few inches to make up for the adjusted size in the new piece.

3. Unless you know you will love one frame colors for the next 10 years (ie. white), choose 2 or 3 colors for your artwork frames. The 2010 wall had a few too many different frame and matte colors for me. But once we toned it down and then I ended up with white and gold as my main colors, it felt more cohesive yet still eclectic.

Here's one last gallery wall update for you to see in my studio...

Oh Joy Studio / Designed by Emily Henderson

This is still probably my favorite wall in the history of gallery walls, and I feel very lucky to get to see it at work every day.

Prints, left to right: Ashley Percival panda print, Studio Legohead cat print, Bonnie Tsang custom print, Animal Print Shopbaby giraffe print, Jen Gotch paper cups print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Ruby sketch by Casey Brodley, Lulie Wallace floral painting, Bonnie Tsang custom pool print, Paul Octavious kite hill print, Jen Gotch glasses custom print, Cali print by Rocket Ink, Joel Penkman popsicle print, Jenny Vorwaller abstract painting, Geronimo x Jennifer Youngcustom Ruby photo, Ruby oil painting by Casey Brodley, Max Wanger custom print, Ashley Percival cool deer print,Studio Legohead floral print, Marion Barraud fish print. Framing by Curve Line Space. Photo by Zeke Ruelas.

Oh Joy Studio - Gallery Wall

We made some minor updates recently which didn't change the overall feel too much. It was mostly so that we could update our wall with our own artwork while still keeping the general feel the same as before. It's kind of a fun "find the differences" exercise to do to see what got replaced or what just moved around a bit!

{Photos referenced above. Final 2016 studio photo by Casey Brodley. Both rooms shown were designed by Emily Henderson.}

an oh joy for target launch party! 4 Feb 2016

Oh Joy for Target

In just a few days—this Sunday, February 7th—we'll be launching the new Oh Joy for Target home decor collection in all Target stores in the US and online. Last month, we held a launch party with some of our LA friends and colleagues to celebrate the new collection and give a peek at what's to come. Come check it out for a look at what you can expect to find starting Sunday...


10 quirky pillows... 27 Jan 2016


Because a pillow makes every space better...

1. Pretzel pillow by Arro Home, 2. Roos Soetekouw embroidered pillow, 3. zigzag pillow from Leif, 4. Oeuf egg pillow, 5. Atsuyo et Akiko pillow, 6. Lucky Boy Sunday round pillow, 7. Target faux fur pillow, 8. Land of Nod sunglasses pillow, 9. Blabla knit apple pillow, 10. Ikea heart pillow.

alternate vessels for plants... 20 Jan 2016

alternate vessels for plants

As a lover and collector of vintage objects and vessels, I always find myself with these items I love but never really make use of. I'll get that vintage bowl set from the flea market, a tiny brass trophy, or a beautiful Japanese tea kettle only to see them collect dust because they're not functional on a daily basis. So we decided to finally use them for something...holding flowers and plants! This is an easy and beautiful way to keep those vessels around but also actually use them every day. Here are a few ways we used a few from my own collection....

alternate vessels for plants

My friend, Jihan, gave me this tiny vintage brass trophy a couple years ago, and I love it. It's perfectly suited for just a couple blooms and great when when you come across a flower that fell off a nearby bush and deserves to be celebrated.

alternate vessels for plants

I bought these beautiful Japanese tea kettles a few years ago in Kyoto, but now I find myself using an electric kettle when I need hot water fast. They're too beautiful to get rid of, so I used the shorter one for holding a pre-potted plant and the larger one for holding fresh florals. The taller vessels are better suited for fresh flowers while shorter ones are best for plants that might need to hold soil.

alternate vessels for plants

I fell in love with this set of vintage dessert bowls and look at them every day but have yet to use them for actual dessert. So we turned one into a little succulent garden.

alternate vessels for plants

Finally, we removed the top of this ice cream cone piggy bank and it turns into a quirky vase for a fresh set of blooms. 

Quick tip...In terms of drainage for plants, if you're using a plant that needs good drainage, consider drilling a hole at the bottom of the vessel if you're okay with making that permanent change to the piece (ie. in plastic or metal). But if you're using a glass vessel or something you can't drill a hole into, then stick to flowers or use succulents where you can place rocks on the bottom for drainage.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester and Joy Cho... Table Runner from Pom Pom at Home}


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