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10 on the go essentials... 18 Jan 2016


Whether you're headed out the door for a business trip, a day at work, or just to run errands, here are a few of my favorite items lately for being on the go...

1. Ban.do phone case because this is just too fun not to want to carry around all day long.

2. Ban.do floral duffle for that overnight or weekend trip!

3. This is Ground cord taco to hold your cord basics while on the go.

4. Sunnylife travel radio for when you want to amplify those tunes whether indoors or out.

5. Poppin gold folio for business papers, meeting files, or projects.

6. Baggu 3D Zip Tote for shoes, extra clothes, or anything that needs to be put into a larger bag.

7. Lifefactory water bottle for the gym or just to stay hydrated throughout the day.

8. Frends headphones to keep your tunes to yourself while on the move.

9. Rifle for Le Sport Sac cosmetic bag because it's compact and easy to clean!

10. Owen & Fred luggage tag to keep track of your belongings no matter where you go.

3 ways to wear a colorful coat... 11 Jan 2016

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

To help with the cold and gloomy weather that often comes with winter, one of my favorite accessories is a colorful jacket or coat! I have a magenta coat I've been wearing for years and every time I wear it, people smile at me when they pass by. It's one of those pieces they aren't expecting to see in the winter and it immediately makes us cheerful. Here are a few outfits we pulled together to show how you can rock a colorful coat this winter...

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

1) The Mid-Length Coat. This is the most flattering cut for a coat on almost anyone and goes with the biggest variety of outfits. It's easy to throw on over a cute top and some jeans and makes you feel pulled together even when you're not. 

1. Ellie Kai Pink coat, 2. AG grey polka dot jeans (similar), 3. Ace & Jig top (past season), 4. J.Crew cowl neck scarf (similar), 5. Zuzii loafers.

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

2) The Cropped Coat. Because this has a boxy fit and a short length, this type of jacket goes well with pieces that flatter the lower half of your body and emphasizes the smaller portion of your waist (like an a-line skirt). Add some heels or wedges for some height to give that the boxy top more contrast.

1. The Bee and the Fox tee, 2. skirt from Target, 3. blazer by D.Ra, 4. necklace by LouLouLollipop Finery, 5. booties by Dolce Vita (similar).

3 ways to wear a colorful coat

3) The Long Coat. The long coat works best for dressier or more formal outfits. Because this type of coat can take over your whole body (all the way down to your ankles), a softer shade helps to add color without taking over your whole body. Pair this with a long dress or pants with heels.

1. Apiece Apart coat (past season, similar here and here), 2. vintage dress (similar), 3. Ban.do pins mixed with vintage owl pins, 4. BC Footwear wedges (similar), 5. Anthropologie necklace (past season, similar).

Which style of coat is your favorite?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, flat styling by Julia Wester and Ariel Fulmer, outfit styling by Joy Cho.}

dressing the babe / winter florals... 18 Dec 2015

Dressing the Babe / Mama and Baby Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

In our last Dressing the Babe for this year, I was inspired by keeping florals going into winter (who says florals are for summer, only?!). My little nugget, Coco, is walking! So we went for a walk near the LA River to scoop up the last bit of December before the end of the year...

Dressing the Babe / Mama Style

I'm loving long dresses lately, especially those that cinch at the waist a bit to give a little shape. Accented by a floral necklace, I love the contrast of the pop of color against the deep green hue.

Mama outfit / 1. D.Ra dress, 2. Vegan jacket from Anthropologie from last season (similar here and here), 3. Gaia necklace, 4. Loeffler Randall booties (past season)

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

If you have changed a diaper with a wiggly baby before you know that rompers with snaps in the crotch are a must. I love little rompers, but often they don't have snaps and so changing a diaper involves having to undress your babe completely.

Babe outfit / 5. Thief & Bandit romper, 6. June & January cardi, 7. Crew & Lu pom headband, 8. Zuzii shoes, 9. Afternoon Faun Octopus

Dressing the Babe / Mama and Baby Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

Ah...this face! This face makes me want to have another baby (no just kidding, not really). But I do love that face. That's Coco impersonating Adele saying, "Hello, it's me..."

{Photos by Casey Brodley, flat styling by Julia Wester, outfit styling by Joy Cho. Coco is 14 months and walking around town like she owns it.}

10 wearable gifts... 24 Nov 2015

10 Wearable Gifts

Our next gift guide includes a few of my favorite wearables—perfect for your bestie, sister, or to hint at for yourself ;)

1. Eye studs from Leif for a subtle, yet quirky, statement.

2. Emily Green necklaces are my favorite for adding an instant pop of color to the simplest outfit.

3. A wearable planter ring from Adorn Milk for that flora lover that already has everything.

4. This En Soie clutch is one of my favorites that everyone loves.

5. Comfy and chic, a pair Zuzii shoes for someone who loves having fancy feet.

6. Make a true statement with this Ban.do sweatshirt.

7. A pretty J.Crew bracelet that looks like candy wrapped around your wrist.

8. Both cute and casual, this Rifle for Le Sport Sac backpack is a favorite around the Oh Joy office.

9. For this chilly winter, this Anthropologie knit hat is crazy cute.

10. This bangle by Kate Spade is especially perfect for that girl who rocks a pair of glasses like no one else!

dressing the babe / my wild animal... 28 Oct 2015

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

Did I tell you guys I'm in a blue phase right now? There are a few pieces I have on heavy rotation right now that are all blue. So I took my little wild animal, Coco, out for a stroll to this awesome blue painted staircase in our neighborhood.

Dressing the Babe / Mama Style

Mama Outfit / Ok, so I had a bit of a #bloggerfail here and I wore different jeans than what we shot in these flats, so I'm gonna tell you about both which are two of my go-to jeans. 1. Spanx jeans (that help tuck in that not-so-flat post-baby stomach) and Madewell high-waisted jeans (worn in the live photos), 2. Target blouse (which is nice and blouse-y and looks great with a front tuck), 3. Loeffler Randall booties (which have been a staple for multiple years now), 4. En Soie bag.

Dressing the Babe / Baby Style

Babe Outfit / For my wild animal, a very special 5. Peacock dress by Mini Rodini (a good splurge dress for the holidays), 6. Mini Dressing fox knee socks, and 7. this pair of Freshly Picked moccs that lasts forever.

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

Dressing the Babe / Baby and Mama Style

I used to hate LA as a tourist—I never got the appeal of this city. It wasn't until I moved here and lived here and got to know the real neighborhoods that I really started to love it and discover what it has to offer. This wall couldn't have expressed my love and (now) feelings for Los Angeles more... 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, flat styling by Ariel Fulmer, outfit styling by Joy Cho, mural by Evelyn Leigh. Coco is 12 months and starting to learn some sass from her big sister.}

my favorite everyday rings... 26 Oct 2015

Everyday Ring (from budget to splurge)

Last week when I was on Periscope, someone asked about the stacked rings that I wear on my hands. I didn't get to mention them during the scope, but wanted to share them here since they are some of my favorites (from super affordable to splurge-worthy) that I wear daily (plus a few that I love from a far).

1. Mr. Kate ball chain ring and Mr. Kate cable chain ring (these look great stacked with other rings), 2. Leah Alexandra gem ring and baguette ring, 3. Sarah Magid collage stack and Sarah Magid double ring, 4. Ariel Gordon birthstone charm ring and horizon ring (these would make really great push presents for a new mom customized with your family's birth stones), 5. Maya Brenner petal ring and letter ring, and because these are so beautiful and I've always admired these from a far (if you're looking for alternate engagement rings) 6. Mociun black diamond band and Sarah Hendler starburst ring.

10 cozy and cool sweaters... 14 Oct 2015

10 Cozy and Cool Sweaters

We've been having the most ridiculous heat wave here in Los Angeles with 90-100 degrees days off and on for the last few months now. While I love the warm weather, I am so over the sweaty weather and craving just a little bit of cool. I'm going to will slightly cooler temperatures by sharing some sweaters that I wish I was cozying up to right about now...

01. Dotty sweater from J.Crew (30% off with code LAYERUP), 02. floral sweatshirt by Calder Blake, 03. Anthropologie striped cardigan, 04. Molly Moon ice cream short, 05. Lucky sweatshirt by Castle,  06. Anthropologie rose cardigan, 07. Free People sweater, 08. dotty sweatshirt by The Great, 09. Old Navy striped cardigan, 10. Pepin sweater.

dressing the babe / baby bird love... 23 Sep 2015

Baby and Mama Style

Sometimes you see a piece of street art, and you just have to take a photo in front of it before it goes away never to return again. And, when you can get your baby to smile her toothless smile and capture it on film, that's even better...


career day / a handbag designer... 16 Sep 2015

Career Day with Clare V.

Clare V. Studio

If you have a bag obsession like I do, then you probably know of Clare Vivier. In our newest Career Day, we visited her studio to get a look behind-the-scenes of her fast-growing brand, Clare V. I love her brand so much that I'm often seen wearing two of her bags at the same time (one for my purse and one for my laptop). They are chic, durable, light, and feel classic yet fresh all at the same time.

As a CFDA winner, she has a certain je ne sais quoi that the modern woman loves. To an almost 4-year-old, the idea of making a purse is pretty thrilling. Clare showed Ruby how to make a fabric pom-pom accessory to adorn her little drawstring bag. And even though Clare Vivier is now a name known around the fashion world, I love that she's rooted here in LA (and she's even in my own neighborhood!). Here's a closer look into the chic world of Clare Vivier...

Clare V. studio

Clare V. Studio

What’s your background and when/why did you start Clare V? / I don't have a traditional design background. I was working in French television when I wanted a chic laptop case to use for work. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I knew how to sew and so I decided to create my own, and that's how the line was conceived.

Career Day with Clare V.

Career Day with Clare V.

When did you know you had something good? / I think when I began to see women wearing my designs locally on the street in Silverlake, where I live, that's when it really hit home. I had tapped into something that I knew that I found to be lacking, but it was what so many other women were wanting too.

Clare V. Studio

Clare V. Studio

If there were two of you, what other type of business or job would the other Clare have? / Hmmmm, this is like Sliding Doors. I love it! I do not know, I think I would have started another creative business. I’ve always had the notion that a good idea and the right people make successful ventures.

Career Day with Clare V.

Clare V. Studio

How many hours do you work each day/week? Do you take off on the weekends? / It really never ends, but that's also something that I love about it. In many ways, I feel like I've become the brand which has been so incredibly rewarding, but that also means that it's quite hard to turn "off." I'm at the office or I'm traveling or I'm meeting with people or at dinners and when I do get some downtime, I like nothing more than to spend time at home with my family.

Career Day with Clare V.

Clare V. Studio

Best part about your job? / The people I get to meet and work with day in and day out. No two days are the same which keeps it interesting and exciting. 

Worst part about your job? / There's no worst part but there are certainly challenges that come with building and running a company. There are constantly things that I'm learning on the business side and need to be better at and need help with and those can be frustrating but also all important things to learn about.

Clare V. Studio

Why did you change your brand name from Clare Vivier to Clare V.? / As our company really began to grow, we were approached by another company with a similar name. In order to avoid any conflict, it made the most sense for us to rebrand as Clare V. in 2014. It actually came at a really great time for us as the brand was really at a turning point in terms of growth and recognition and so the rebrand made sense. Of course it's had its challenges and we still have people who refer to us as Clare Vivier, but Clare V. has a nice sophistication that I think fits where we are quite nicely.

Career Day with Clare V.

Career Day with Clare V.

What is your dream for your brand? World accessory domination? / I like the trajectory we have right now. We're building in a really strategic and organic way that makes sense for the brand. We have four stores now and are excited to introduce more in the near future in markets that are a real fit for CV. We're also making our way into other product categories like t-shirts and men's and shoes and will continue to serve our customer with everything they're looking for. It's fun to continue to extend the brand and see where we go.

Ruby had the best time seeing what goes into making those pretty purses. And, I love seeing businesses and women in business grow. I remember when Clare opened her first shop in our neighborhood a few years ago. It started as part of another shop, then grew to her own store, and now to four stores. It shows how her strong aesthetic, point of view, and the desire to fill a void in the market has helped Claire achieve her continued success. 

P.S. See past Career Day posts right here!

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}

dressing the babe / wink this way... 8 Sep 2015

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

I never thought I'd come back to a black and white phase, but here we are. I'm totally loving black and white again when used graphically and with a hit of color...

Oh Joy / Mama Style

A simple, graphic tee has been one of my go-to pieces lately. Tuck them into anything (jeans, skirts, shorts), and it instantly feels a bit more put together. And, those clogs?!? (You might remember them from this zebra photo).

Mama outfit / 1. Samantha Hahn wink tee, 2. Gap denim jogger pants, 3. Bryr clogs (custom color).

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Those new Freshly Picked sneakers are out-of-control cute, and I just want them in my size!

Babe outfit / 4. Ultra Violet Kids (past season - similar), 5. Camp Wolf shorts from Yolk, 6. Freshly Picked shoes, 7. Crew Cuts unicorn necklace.

Oh Joy / Baby Style

People still think Coco is a boy when they see her in public (since I don't dress her in pink very often), so I'm giving "hints" to people with a little pin or patterned headband here and there...

Littlest Babe outfit / 8. Riley & Co. tee, 9. Ultra Violet Kids (past season - similar), 10. Freshly Picked moccasins, 11. Bitte headband.

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh, and we're finally at a place where Ruby truly loves her sister. It took us a while to get there, but it's the best to see their relationship starting to form.

{Mural outside of Coffee Commissary/Siren Studios in Hollywood. Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Ariel Fulmer. Coco is 10 months old and is starting to have opinions. Ruby is almost 4 and finally growing out of the terrible three's.}


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