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happy friday + a little bit of confetti... 5 Apr 2013





Last weekend, we went on an Easter egg hunt in the park. Our friend that organized the get-together made cascarones (hollow eggs filled with confetti), and Ruby just loved them. She had never seen or played with confetti before, and she kept asking for "More, more!". Once we had smashed three eggs worth of confetti, we spent several minutes picking confetti out of the grass to keep her going for a few more rounds. Wishing you a weekend full of tiny bits of color and magic...

P.S. More confetti fun... and thanks so much for all your kind comments, tweets, and emails about my new studio space

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby's dress from Target, sandals by Salt Water.}

happy friday + a little copy cat... 29 Mar 2013




I always thought that "learning how to mimic" part of being a kid came later in life...like around three or four. Boy, was I wrong. Within the last couple of months, Ruby's been watching everything we do and imitating it. She'll find my necklaces and shoes and put them on, start "cooking" in her kitchen (she adds ingredients and stirs the pot while holding the oven mitt), pick up the empty cat food bowls to put them away, and pretend to do the laundry. It amazes me. Any day now, she'll be sitting on a fake computer pretending to blog...Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. Ruby's mastering her animal noises in the video above. Clearly growling is her favorite...

P.P.S. For more Ruby, see my Instagram and Bob's Instagram.

{Ruby's wearing my Adidas sneakers, Gap striped dress, Thief & Bandit pink neon dress.}

happy friday + pure joy... 22 Mar 2013





This is what happens when you let a toddler go into a bouncy house (supervised by me, of course) at a kid's birthday party. All the big kids let her have "baby time" and waited outside so she could play in there for a few minutes alone without getting trampled on. She fell about 478 times while attempting to jump, but she absolutely loved it and even cried big raindrop tears when it was time for the bigger kids to go back in without her. 

Have a great weekend guys! I hope you get a few moments of joy in whatever your version of a bouncy house may be...

{Ruby at 17 months. Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby's top by Mini Boden.}

feeling the little things... 20 Mar 2013

Just a few little things for my little lady that I'm loving right now...

{01. Crew Cuts bow tie, 02. Mina sneakers, 03. toy camera by Twig Creative, 04. Target leggings, 05. Wunway tights, 06. cutting fruit toy from Darling Clementine.}

happy friday + holding hands... 15 Mar 2013




In the last few weeks, Ruby's started to really understand what it means to hold hands. She knows she needs to hold our hands when we're outside and walking near a busy street. And now, she's gotten so comfortable with it, she'll even hold hands with her best friend, Leah, and The Man with the Yellow Hat that she met at a kid's literacy event last weekend!

Have a great weekend friends! Hope it's filled with lots of hand-holding with those you love...

{Photos by Bob Cho. Ruby at 17 months. Update: My gold shoes are by Brother Vellies, pink coat from CrewCuts (past season).}

questions for kids... 13 Mar 2013

I always find kids' reactions to things so charming, sweet, and pure. A couple little videos out in cyberspace lately (by J.Crew and Small Fry) that simply make me smile...

for fathers... 7 Mar 2013





Everyone always talks about the bond between mothers and their children—but what about dads? I loved coming across the For Fathers project and the 4Fathers Journal which celebrate the men who simply do their best to provide for their family however they can (but often don't get enough credit when kids prefer their mamas). I've always felt there was a lack in lifestyle publications for men, so I love seeing ones like this come about.

P.S. There's also the Kindling Quarterly which focuses on dads with creative professions...

{Top three photos above via For Fathers, last photo is one of my favorites I snapped of Bob and Ruby recently while visiting the hospital where Bob went to med school.}

happy friday + mama's girl... 1 Mar 2013





Sometimes I complain when she won't let me out of her sight, when she gets upset that I have to go somewhere without her, or when she's being extra clingy. But let's be honest—I actually really love it. Because I know it won't be like this forever. One day she'll be a teenager, and she'll be embarrassed to be seen with me at the mall. 

Wishing you a great weekend, friends, to enjoy those wonderful, fleeting moments that life brings...

{Photos by Bob Cho. For those of you who asked, my boots are from Loeffler Randall, Ruby's neon shoes are from Brother, and her striped leggings are by Nature Baby (similar from Gap).}

hers & mine... 26 Feb 2013

oh joy | hers & mine | donut love

oh joy | hers & mine

More and more every day, she's turning into a mini me...

top | Hers: Heidi Kenney plush donut. Mine: New York donut map by All You Can Eat Press.

bottom | Hers: neon toe cap shoes. Mine: neon toe cap shoes. (c/o Brother)

P.S. The last one...

{Photos by Oh Joy. Top rug by Nuloom, bottom rug by Madeline Weinrib}

ruby kisses... 14 Feb 2013





Now that Ruby's learned how to give kisses, she likes to give them to everyone...Mama, Daddy, our neighbor's dog, and the baby goat at the farmer's market. (And of course I can't help but kiss her 278 times a day).

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Hope it's full of kisses from those you love (or at least like!) most...

{Photos by Bob Cho and Oh Joy}


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