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unexpected color combinations at home...18 May 2016

unexpected color combinations at home

I love color. I’m guessing you guys already know that ;) Color inspires me every day. And I surround myself with color in my home, what I wear, and things I make. Because I know that color can be intimidating to some, today, I wanted to show you how to take a color combination you might come across and how to integrate it into your home. Inspired by the bright and vibrant flavors and packaging color pairings of our sponsor, Curate Snacks, I’ll take two sets of colors, create a mood board to show how to bring it to life, and then show you how you can work it into your home.

Today we’re working with Pink and Green (inspired by Irresistible Dark Chocolate) and Apricot and Yellow (inspired by Harmonious Blend). I’ve teamed up with my fellow color lover, Justina Blakeney, where she’ll be doing the same exact color exercise and styling in her home with two other color combinations, too! Come see what we came up with...


an illustrated family portrait...17 May 2016

Oh Joy Family Portrait by Rifle Paper Co.

I started getting custom family stationery when Ruby was born almost 5 years ago so that we could send them out to thanks loved ones for the baby gifts we had received. Illustrated by the super talented Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, I couldn't not display them somehow, so we framed the first one. And since then, we now update it every year or so (with our newest shown above).

Oh Joy Family Portrait by Rifle Paper Co.

Oh Joy Family Portrait by Rifle Paper Co.

It's fun to see how our family has grown (RIP cats)! We've worked with Anna since the beginning as she illustrated Ruby's baby announcement but you can also find a variety of illustrators in different styles who offer custom portraits including Sophie & Lili and MerryMakeCo. While I also love photographed family photos, these are a fun way to show how your family changes over the years!

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, painted portraits by Rifle Paper Co.}

changing your career in your 30's...(part 2)16 May 2016

Changing Careers in Your 30's

A couple weeks ago, I began Part 1 of Changing Your Career in Your 30's with an interview from our Creative Producer & Stylist, Julia, who left her career as a reality show producer to find her true passion of styling and crafting. Today, I'd like you to meet Courtney, an attorney who left her own law practice just a few months ago to pursue a career change (soon after turning 30) and now works at Oh Joy!


Courtney Ketchersid, my Executive Assistant, manages all the administrative tasks of Oh Joy—including my schedule, email correspondence, coordinating blog posts, interacting with clients and sponsors, social media, and sooo many other things. She began at Oh Joy only a few months ago after leaving her own law practice to pursue a new direction in her career. Not only did she change careers but she also went from being self-employed to working for someone else which isn't a story you hear very often. Here's Courtney's story as interviewed by me... 


some bits of inspiration lately...13 May 2016

Oh Joy Flowers

Tassels from Rosebowl Flea Market

Beaches by Gray Malin

Oh Joy

...beautiful peonies from Mother's Day in my new favorite vase, giant tassels at the Rosebowl Flea Market, a new Beach-perfect book, and pattern on pattern on texture...

Have a great weekend all! I'm headed to the Beyonce concert this weekend (weeee!) and filling my days with kid activities a plenty!

{Photos by Oh Joy}

making an eton mess with kids...12 May 2016

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

One of the things I've learned about how to get kids excited about food is to not only have them help in making a meal or dish, but to have them also help in picking out the ingredients. That way, they can understand the process of making something and getting to enjoy it afterwards! Today I'm sharing my take on one of the easiest (and fun!) desserts to make with kids...Eton Mess! This English dessert is known for combining cream, fruit (usually strawberries and bananas), and meringues. With strawberries in prime season here in Los Angeles, we created a summery version of it...

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

With strawberries being at their prime right now, we took a trip to our local farmer's market to pick up fresh strawberries. We usually take a weekly trip to the market whenever we can. This particular week, Bob was out of town for work, so I was on my own with both kids which can be hard to manage at something as open as a farmer's market. To keep my wild child, Coco, at arm's distance, I kept her close on my back in a carrier. Our friends (and long-time partner), Ergobaby, just released this new Adapt carrier which allows you to wear your babe (from newborn 7 to 40lbs) on your front, side, or back, all without an infant insert. Coco loved being on the back so she could still see everything that was going on and snack on strawberries (and make a huge mess!) along the way.

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Afterwards, we came home to make our Eton Mess.

Here's what you'll need:

- 1 cup sliced strawberries

- 1 cup sliced apricots

- 1/4 cup slivered almonds

- 1/4 cup toasted coconut

- 1 cup crumbled meringues

- 2 cups of heavy whipping cream (beaten with a hand mixer till peeks form and turns into whipped cream) then add sugar or agave to your liking. Or you can make your life a little easier and use store-bought whipped cream.

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

Now comes the fun part! Place the whipped cream in large bowl and put all the toppings in separate bowls for the kids to easily access. We started by adding fruit, then adding the crunchier toppings on top, and then topping the whole thing off with handfuls of crumbled meringues.

Making an Eton Mess with Kids

There might have been a bit of a mess made and some of the ingredients eaten in the process, but it was super fun for them to be a part of. Make sure to enjoy the Eton Mess pretty soon after preparing it, as the whipped cream is best when fresh and cool.

*This post is in partnership with ErgoBaby. All words and ideas are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley}

murals...11 May 2016

Marie Claire Maison

Photowall Brussels

Leah Bartholomew Mural

Alisa Burke Mural

We're getting ready to do an Oh Joy mural project (weeee!), so I've been looking around for inspiration around the internet and had to share these beauties with you. We're working on something for a museum and can't wait to paint something big and lovely on some walls!

{Sources: Marie Claire MaisonPhotowall, Leah BartholomewAlisa Burke}

a bedtime kit DIY...10 May 2016

a bedtime kit DIY

If you’re a parent, you know how special bedtime can be for you and your little one. For me, it’s a time I get to wind down for the day and prepare my kids for their night of restful slumber.

To make the bedtime routine a little easier, today, I’m going to show you how to make this super cute and functional Bedtime Kit to keep in your nursery, bathroom, or even to give to take to Grandma’s house. Watch our newest video to see how to transform a simple canvas bin into something special for your babe's slumber...

{Photo by Casey Brodley, video by Jenner Brown}

a few fun things... 9 May 2016

Ban.do pencil case

Lately, it's been very on-trend for adults to discover their child-like spirit with items meant to inspire us to just let go of our grown-up thinking (just for a second). Here are a few things for finding your inner youth we're loving lately...

Pencil Case by Ban.do (shown above)— Why did we stop using pencil cases after the age of 17? They are awesome and so useful (And, are useful for things other than pencils)!

Flowers coloring book

Flowers coloring book by Brittany Jepsen — Brittany is one of my favorite DIY bloggers and her coloring book is nothing short of beautiful. I love the sophisticated florals with a touch of whimsy that makes coloring feel both meditative and fun!

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Sticker subscriptions by Pipsticks — every month you get a cool, assorted pack of stickers...I mean, my 3-12 year old self is loving this. And, my current self, too.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}

a mother's strength... 6 May 2016


When I was in 5th grade, I had a favorite snack at a local cafe that I would get pretty regularly. My mom would drive me to the cafe, wait in the car right in front, and I would pop in and buy it to take home and we'd be on our way. I had probably gone to that cafe multiple times a week for months. But one day, I went in for my usual snack stop-in, and the cashier at the shop had some of his friends hanging out while he was working at the register. They were a bunch of high school teenagers which in itself was intimidating to a 10 year old. While I was waiting for my food, I heard them making sounds about me like "ching, chang, chong" over and over again. For an Asian American kid struggling just to fit in, that's pretty much the worst thing you can hear. Tears started flowing out of my eyes and I ran back to the car leaving my food behind. I got into the car with tears streaming down my face and told my mom I just wanted to go home.

She asked me what had happened. I didn't want to tell her and only said I didn't want to go back there ever again. I finally told her about what had happened, and she replied, "Wait here. I will be right back." When she came back, she got the food I had left behind and she said, "He won't bother you again". It took me a while to want to go back there but when I did, the guy apologized to me. Still to this day, I have no idea what my mom said to him.

My mom is one of the most private and non-confrontational people I know. But in that moment, any worries about confrontation or her broken English completely went away. She did what moms do...she made me feel like everything was going to be okay and did her best to ensure that I would not get hurt in that way again.

It's amazing how much more inner strength you gain once you have someone you want to be strong for...someone you want to protect. Like all those mothers who somehow lift heavy objects that have fallen on their child or that warrior that comes out of you if anyone attempts to hurt someone you love. Inner strength doesn't mean that you aren't scared or that you know exactly how things will turn out, it's that you know things will be okay at some point in the near or distant future. You project that strength to those around you so that they, too, feel assured and okay with whatever obstacles (big or small) they may be facing.

As we approach Mother's Day, I can think of so many times my mom has been strong for me throughout my life in both big and small moments. Have you seen this P&G Thank You, Mom video? This really captures the ways I want to be strong for my children and makes me think about my own mom and all that she did for me. It will make you cry but also make you appreciate the strength of your own mother and inspire you to be that for your own children today or someday in the future...

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mamas out there!

This post is in partnership with P&G. All words are my own.

the most beautiful açai bowls... 5 May 2016

Frozen Açaí Bowls

Even though I live in Los Angeles (the land of the super healthy), I can't say I live that gluten-free, macrobiotic, eat-some-oxygen-for-breakfast kind of life. I like being healthy when I can, but I also love things that taste good (hello donuts and fried chicken). And the combo of those two things can be hard to find.

In walks Amazebowls, a company I came across at a recent event and fell in love with their açaí bowls. If you're not familiar with açaí, it's a berry from South America that has been coveted for its health benefits. And, it actually tastes good (like blueberries mixed with a touch of chocolate). So we asked Amazebowls to share a recipe for Açaí Bowls with us so we can all recreate this deliciousness at home. This was the best and most beautiful breakfast ever (I ate two the day we did this shoot)...and makes for a great snack or pick-me-up pretty much any time of day...



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