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pine cone pom table decor!16 Dec 2016

pine cone pom table decor

pine cone pom table decor

How is it half-way through December already?!? If you're prepping for holiday visitors and entertaining, we have a fun table decor idea for you today! It's wintery and glittery and full of things that make adults happy and children sing...


gift guide: get crafty...15 Dec 2016


Our resident crafting assistant, Jess Hong, is no stranger to getting crafty. For her gift guide picks this year, here are a few of your favorite ways to give a little DIY cheer! 

01. Paper Source paper cactus kit, 02. Clover pom-pom maker, 03. Brit + Co. paper flower class (use code OHJOY20 for 20% off all online classes. Offer expires on 12/31.), 04. On the Loom by Maryanne Moodie, 05. gold and clear storage boxes from Container Store, 06. rose gold scissors from Anthropologie, 07.Bigban color pencils, 08. Hedley & Bennett apron, 09. Ban.do notebooks.

because plants need to party, too...14 Dec 2016

trailing vines and plants

I love plants, but I rarely bring them indoors because large plants take up more floor space which I'm often short of. Plus, with tiny children around, it can be tough to keep plants safe at ground level. So I love the idea of taking advantage of wall space to instill some green into your space!

trailing vines and plants

We added these pretty Senecio Radicans Glauca (say that three times fast!) hanging succulents to these magnetic board planters for a little extra green in the office. Plus, we had to add a little extra touch of Oh Joy by throwing the plants a party with the addition of party picks and stir sticks!

trailing vines and plants

And, we're excited to see this project was part of the Pinterest 100—a round up of trending projects, products and ideas to try in 2017. We fell in love with with one of the home trends, cascading indoor vines, and gave it a go to bring new life into this office space!

Items shown: Aelfie rug, Target desk, Target giraffe figurine, Poppin pencil holder, Target office supplies, Perch magnetic boards & planters, Sunbeam Vintage chair, and Eric Trine plant stand.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.}

entertaining kids on-the-go...13 Dec 2016

entertaining kids on-the-go

Before we had kids, my husband and I went out to dinner all the time. We loved trying new foods and the restaurants that our local city had to offer. While our type of dinners out are different now with two young kids, we still go out to dinner with them a couple times a week. We've never been the type to just stay home because it's easier to avoid going out. We've always wanted our kids to get to try new things, too, and going out to dinner with them is a special treat for the whole family—whether it's a nicer sit-down restaurant or a more casual burger shack.

However, when you have young children, they get antsy and often have a hard time waiting while the food is being prepared. Now that Ruby is 5, she can entertain herself with solo activities, while Coco (who is 2) needs us to actively engage with her while waiting for food. Otherwise, she wants to run around all over the place. With the help of some of our little friends from Monster High, today I'm sharing a few games you can play with young kids to keep them occupied before/during/after dinner while on-the-go and out at restaurants...

entertaining kids on-the-go

1. Shape and Color Game - For younger toddlers, cut out pieces of colorful felt in different shapes. Ask them to match the character's hair color or outfit color to a shape of the same color. I always want my kids to express themselves and live life colorfully, so I love how these minis express their personalities in all kinds of ways. For an easier option, you can have little ones recognize shapes by asking them to place a character "on the blue circle" or "on the yellow triangle". Coco gets super excited when she gets them right and sees our reaction to her growing recognition skills.

entertaining kids on-the-go

2. Tic-Tac-Toe - Using thick felt, create a board with nine squares to play tic-tac-toe! The kids can use the toys as their playing pieces and the grown-up can use coins or sugar packets from the table. This is good way to start teaching older toddlers about strategy and thinking ahead. Ruby's in a stage where we're starting to talk to her about what happens when you don't win a game. Games like this give us an opportunity to teach what kind of attitude to have if you don't win a game or race, how to be gracious to your opponent, and that practice helps you get better at any skill. Also, by having kids use their own toys as playing pieces, it makes it way more fun than simply drawing x's and o's on a piece of paper.

entertaining kids on-the-go

3. Create a story. For kids that can draw and use their imagination to tell stories, ask them to imagine what that character might have done that day and then draw that scene. Monster High Minis are all about being different and embracing what makes you special so it's fun to have that dialog with your kids as they develop a story to create. We like to encourage our kids to be kind to others, too, so a scenario you can set up for a story is how one character does something nice for a friend. In this case, Ruby decided to make a friend happy by making a picnic they could enjoy together.

And before you know it, 20 minutes have passed and your food is out! We always have the kids clean-up the toys when the food arrives so we can focus on enjoying our meal together as a family. I keep everything in a zippered pouch to make it easy to pop into my bag and save for our next meal time out!

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Monster High. All words are my own. 

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.}

gift guide: pattern play...12 Dec 2016


For today's gift guide, our designer, Angie Stalker, chose gifts based on designers, artists, and creative brands that she loves and finds inspiring. They are fun and light-hearted pieces that bring art into the every day.  

01. Gorman tote, 02. file organizer by HAY, 03. Holes glasses, 04. Helen Dealtry print, 05. Jenny Pennywood tea towel, 06. Moglea iPhone case, 07. Toools treasure box, 08. Leah Bartholomew table runner and 09. mugs, 10. Benumade earrings.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays...10 Dec 2016

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Our friends at Botanica are known for their veggie plateaus—a multicolored jumble of gorgeous seasonal vegetables, prepared every which way, with flavors and textures and dips galore. It’s a tower of savory treats designed to be set at the center of a table and be utterly (and communally) devoured. It’s a constant at their parties and I'm in awe every time I see one. So, I asked them to share their tips on how to make one just in time for holiday entertaining!

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

The plateau is inspired by two of the world’s more delicious things: fresh vegetables and aioli. The key is to have a variety of shapes, textures and flavors.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 1: Hit the market and pick up the loveliest vegetables you can find. You’ll want a mix of things you can eat raw, poached (or steamed or blanched), roasted, grilled and/or fried.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 2: Pick your dips. The goal is variety! We consider some type of aioli a must (roasted garlic or smoked paprika are favorites), plus something green and herby (salsa verde, perhaps?), something bright and sweet (beet muhammara or squash hummus), something oily (like dukkah, olive oil and lots of lemon zest), something creamy (garlicky labne!)…really, whatever you want to dip things in over and over will work.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 3: Prep your veggies. Partially cook whatever needs it before hitting the grill (tiny potatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes, beets); blanch whatever’s getting blanched (haricot vert, asparagus); slice what’s getting roasted, and so on.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 4: This one’s the key to it all: Season EVERYTHING. The only things that should hit the dish plain are the most basic crudité (fennel, cucumbers, radishes). Everything else should be seasoned — with olive oil and sea salt, at the very least — so that it tastes lovely even if you pop it in your mouth naked, without a lick of dip.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 5: Roast, grill, season, etc. Spoon the dips into little bowls and garnish them as needed. Stagger them on a platter, a board, tiered plateau, or whatever vessel you’re using to hold this array of earthy delights. Place the prepared vegetables around the dips in a semi-random fashion. (There’s no beauty in perfect order here! Delicious vegetable mayhem is the visual goal.) Tuck fennel fronds, carrot greens, rosemary sprigs or edible flowers here and there to make it extra pretty.

how to create a veggie plateau for the holidays

Step 6: Place on a table and prepare for “ooooooooh!”s. We view this as a use-your-hands-and-triple-dip situation, but we understand that sometimes plates and serving spoons have their place.

Enjoy! To see more about Botanica, visit their Kickstarter right here!

{Photos and recipes by Botanica

a feather christmas tree! 9 Dec 2016


As we end out this week with Christmas decor and tree ideas, here's a fun one if you're looking for something other than ornaments to dress that tree...use feathers! You can get a box of feathers at your local craft store in a mix of fun colors. And since they have texture, they stick to the tree really easily.

a feather christmas tree!

a feather christmas tree!

a feather christmas tree!

You can even add large ones on top as an alternative to a traditional tree topper. It's kind of Marie Antoinette meets a crazy chicken, and I love it!

Props shown: Target throw blanket, Target pom pom garland, Target tree skirt, Target reindeer figurines, Target wrapping paper, Kristi Kohut print.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafting by Jess Hong.}

gift guide: happy desk... 8 Dec 2016


For today's holiday gift guide, Courtney Ketchersid, my Executive Assistant, put together her favorite items for helping to create a happy desk. For a student, for the home office, or for work, everyone loves a touch of whimsy with desk supplies that are fun and functional, too!

01. George & Willy studio roller, 02. Cooper Hewitt highlighter set, 03. Kate Spade book ends, 04. Ban.do agenda, 05. Pinky Up tea infuser mug, 06. Artifact Uprising desk calendar, 07. Yoobi mini gel pens, 08. Tokketok flower notes, 09. Present & Correct eraser.

a monochromatic christmas... 7 Dec 2016


You know I love color, but as a fun twist to typical holiday colors, we decided to create a different kind of Christmas today. We styled our room in black, white, and gold. Here are some other monochromatic details you can bring into your home for the holidays to take you all the way to New Year's Day!

a monochromatic christmas

By the credenza, we created small seating areas on both sides with a chair and an ottoman on the other. We placed pillows on the floor to create more comfy seating nooks for your guests and a casual area to open gifts on Christmas day.

a monochromatic christmas

For smaller spaces, instead of using a standard 6 ft tree, we decided to decorate with smaller trees styled on top of a credenza in the living room. And, since it's hard to find black and white ornaments, we made the ornaments monochromatic by filling clear ornaments with black sequins, white sequin, gold glitter, and black and white pom-poms.

a monochromatic christmas

We also added height to some of the trees by placing them on books and then using white faux fur fabric to cover them as a tree skirt/tablecloth. By stacking them at different heights, it offers more visual interest than having them in a row straight across.

a monochromatic christmas

We love that you can carry this color scheme straight into New Year's Day. After Christmas, the credenza gets switched up with gifts around the trees to a bar buffet area for your New Year's Eve party!


Props used: Flor carpet tiles, Eric Trine stand, Anthropologie pillow, Calhoun & Co pillow and throw, Ai Modern credenza, Target garland, Target mini trees, Target glitter wrapping paper, Sugar Paper for Target gold foil wrapping paper, Kingdom chimpanzee print, Sunbeam Vintage chair, Calhoun & Co throw blanket, Arro Home pillow. Bar items: Meri Meri party picks, Leah Goren tray, Ellen Evans tray, and W & P Design pineapple.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester}

gift guide: home decor... 6 Dec 2016


For this year's gift guides, each member of the Oh Joy team hand-picked pieces based on their area of expertise at Oh Joy! Today, we're starting with Julia Wester—our Creative Producer and Stylist who is responsible for all the styled shoots you see here on the blog. Here are some of her favorite pieces to add whimsy to any home in a range of price points!

01. Hawkins New York bowl, 02. Oh Joy for Target mini forks, 03. Arro Home pillow, 04. Kingdom by Randal Ford print, 05. Ban.do heart tray, 06. leather coasters from Leif, 07. Eric Trine planter, 08. Target throw, 09. enamelware utensils from Leif.


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