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my favorite faux fur jackets right now...


If you follow my Outfit of the Day on Instagram, you might know I am VERY into faux fur jackets right now...especially those in fun colors. The ones that I currently wear are sold out or older seasons, but these are SUPER cute. Here are a few pairs for ladies and girls that I am loving right now!

PRINTS: Zara floral, Target girls star jacket.

STRIPES: Anthropologie blue striped jacket, kids vintage coat from JuliasChildVintage.

NEUTRAL: Urban Outfitters long jacket, Zara girls pink jacket.

weekend project: a DIY pin organizer...

A DIY Pin Organizer / Oh Joy!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE all the little pins that have become so on trend lately. They add a little bit of fun to any jacket, purse, hat, you name it! But I find myself with dishes full of little pins and can't find certain ones when I need them. I'm constantly trying to find ways to keep my earrings and pins organized, so today we've put together a super cute DIY that does just that! It's easy to make and so cute to have on display. It makes for a great weekend project that will make you feel like you're getting your dresser nice and organized, too. Here's the how-to...

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city books for kids!


I love teaching my kids about the city we live in (yay LA!), as well as other cities that we visit during the year. Whether you're raising a local tour guide or a budding travel editor, here are 9 of my favorite City Books for Kids! Lots of them come in various options for different cities, too!

01. When I'm in LA by Le Future Kids, 02. Zig Zag City Guides,03. Larry Gets Lost books, 04. A Walk in New York, 05. Neela Goes to San Francisco, 06. This is Paris, 07. Los Angeles 1 to 10 by Sara Beth Greene, 08. Bright Eyed Baby Flashcards, 09. Los Angeles Is....

a DIY splatter paint jacket...

A DIY Splatter Paint Denim Jacket / Oh Joy!

Remember when we made a splatter paint backpack and entryway mat? Well, today we're back with a pretty splatter paint denim jacket (Can you tell spring is on my mind?)! Denim jackets are an essential to have in your closet and make for the perfect transition between seasons...but sometimes they could use a little something extra. So, we took a traditional denim jacket and added a little detail that's so easy and fun to make! And, the color combinations and designs are ENDLESS, so you can tailor it to be the dream jacket you've always wanted. Here's how...

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my executive office at oh joy: final reveal!

Oh Joy Executive Office / Designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel

It feels like just yesterday that we moved into our current office, but it's been just over a year now! We spent a good chunk of last year doing renovations to the space taking it slowly one room at a time. You may have seen our beautifully organized and fun craft room and our completely renovated dream kitchen! Today, I'm sharing the next room on the list—my executive office! I worked with my talented friend, Sarah Sherman Samuel, to bring this space to life. Come see the before and after and more about the space below!

Oh Joy Executive Office / Before

Oh Joy Executive Office / Before

Ever since opening a physical office for Oh Joy outside of my home office five years ago, I have always sat with my team in one big open space. I loved having the ability to easily communicate and brainstorm with them in that arrangement, but it got difficult when I had lots of phone calls or meetings and needed privacy. When we moved into our current space, I had planned to sit together with my team again until they all confronted me one day with an intervention. They were like, “Joy, you need your own office!” I joked that they kicked me out, but it really was the best decision as it allows separation when I need it but also I am right there and still very easily accessible...


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DIY Daisy Baskets...

DIY Daisy Baskets / Oh Joy

As we head into a fresh new year, I'm ready to look ahead and start decorating with things that begin to hint at spring! Last year we made these DIY Daisy Patch Jeans and this super cool Daisy Jacket. I'm a TAD obsessed with daisies if you can't tell, so now we're showing you how to bring a dash of daisies into your home with these cute and functional daisy baskets! They're great for helping to stay organized in the new year and to help keep clutter at bay all year round. Here's everything you need to know to make your own...

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my winter beauty essentials...

my winter beauty essentials / oh joy

I've always been very minimal about skincare and used the easiest, not-too-expensive thing I could find at the drug store. As I've gotten older, I have been okay with getting nicer products and allowing myself to spend money on skincare. Right before the holidays, I wasn't taking care of my skin. It was dry and sallow and all of a sudden, I could really see the effects of me not caring about my skin. I spent the two week break trying out products I had as samples, products that were given as gifts, and some that I had been wanting to try for a while. And, I finally (in a very adult way) put together a daily skincare routine for myself. Since it's also winter, my skin feels extra dry right now, so I added in items that are extra helpful for these dryer months. Since a lot of you ask me about skincare on my Instagram Stories, I have put together a handful of items I am using right now during this winter season!

Step 1: Cleanser. I have combination skin that gets oily in the T-zone, so cleanser is super important for me twice a day otherwise, I will break out. But in the winter, my skin also gets dryer faster, so I need something light that won't dry out my skin too much.

For daily cleansing, I use Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser. It's light and fresh and easy to use. If I have makeup on, then I like Banila Clean It Zero which removes makeup while cleansing the skin at the same time.

Step 2: Serum or Mists. Prior to this past year or so, I thought this was a complete crock created by the beauty industry to get you to spend more money on products. But what I realized for me, as I got older, is that a serum or mist adds another layer of moisture that our skin really needs to absorb. They don't serve as moisturizer on its own, but they do hydrate the skin which helps it look softer and more glowy.

I like these two—Glossier Super Pure Serum (which I use around my T-zone for helping with blemishes) and this Heritage Store Rosewater spray—for hydrating the skin.

Step 3: Moisturize. In the winter, I find that a lot of thick face lotions and creams make me break out. So I'd been searching for options that aren't too oily.

In the daytime, I'll use Glossier Priming Moisturizer before SPF for a bit of extra moisture. At night, I like First Aid Beauty's Coconut Water Cream—it's moisturizing without being too heavy or greasy. Finally, I have recently been OBSESSED with this Triple Protection Skin Tint by First Aid Beauty which has SPF 30 as my last step in the morning. I've never like wearing foundation and have rarely use it. But as I have gotten older and my skin tone has become less even, I find that this really adds a nice and even (yet light) finish that looks very natural. Finally, if your lips get really dry in the winter like mine do, I started using this Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask before bedtime.

Keep in mind, I am not telling you to go out and buy ALL of these things. I like all of these for different reasons and have narrowed my favorites down for you based on what you are looking for in your skincare routine! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

a green on green living room....


Have you ever loved a color so much you just want to use it all over a room? We have had this green velvet couch since our first studio back in 2013 that we love and wanted to style a living room around it. Here are some tips for going green on green in the new year...

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a new year + loving yourself...

Oh Joy / Photo by Morgan Pansing

A couple months ago, I had a back and forth conversations with someone on Instagram about how following some bloggers made her feel more self-conscious about herself. It made her feel as if she needed to dye her hair or dress a certain way. She wrote me because she appreciated that I didn't dye my hair and just worked with what I had. When I was reading her messages, I saw my younger self in these same words. I spent SO much of my teen years and early 20's wishing I looked or acted like someone else. And, this was before the days of social media. I didn't have access to watching the lives of strangers in a way that so easily could make me compare myself to others even more so than I already did. It took me so long...really until my 30's...to truly feel confident in my own skin, as I am. Some of that comes with age, but I also think a lot of it comes with seeing examples of other women who are not perfect, who are not models, who are unique in their own way just being who they are and being OK with it.

One thing I always strive to do with our content here at Oh Joy is to show how I (as a person) and we (as a company) are putting into the world what feels right for us, staying true to our voice and style, and trying to represent what makes us happy. In turn, the goal is that others will see that in themselves as well if they don't already. If we can't find that feeling for ourselves, how can we instill it into the next generations of kids who need us to be their role models?

So, here is what I am asking you to do today...I would like you to leave a comment here telling me at least ONE THING that you like about yourself. How often do we get a chance to do that? We're often thinking about what to fix, what to resolve, what to make better in the New Year. But I would love you to just reflect on something you are already doing that kicks butt.

I'll start...

I like that I care about people and will always do my best to help people whenever I can. I also make a really good grilled cheese sandwich!

Now, your turn!

P.S. If you feel like posting on Instagram, I would love to see you post a photo of your beautiful self telling me and others what you like about yourself there too. Hashtag the photo #OhJoyLoveYourself and tag a friend to get them to join in, too!

{Photo by Morgan Pansing}

the best of 2017...

Oh Joy!

Alas the time has come to say goodbye to another year. We will be closed at the Oh Joy office through end of year and back here on January 3, 2018. Thank you SO much for all of you who take the time to come visit this site and our social channels regularly. We keep creating content to add a little bit of happiness to your day and hope to continue doing so for a while to come! If you're looking for some inspiration over the holiday break, please see some of my favorite posts of the year below!

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