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currently snacking on... 19 Dec 2013


It's the time of year where we fill our bellies with an extra dose of sweetness. I don't know about you, but there is an insane amount of chocolate and cookies and sweet treats of all sorts in my home and my office right now. And because I love crunchy things, I'm pretty obsessed with these chocolate bars by Ticket Chocolate. The flavors include a waffle pecan chocolate bar, grasshopper pie chocolate bar, and hazelnut cherry stuffing bar. They all have chunks of crunchy goodness and are almost like extra chocolate-y cookies...yessss, please...

{Photo by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on... 24 Oct 2013

Trader Joe's Speculoos Chocolate Bar

Have you ever fallen head over heels in love with something edible? I just about nearly proposed to this bar of Speculoos Dark Chocolate Bar (from Trader Joe's) after having a bite yesterday. The sweet and gingerbread cookie butter that I love so much is pretty amazing mixed with dark chocolate in these bite-sized pieces. My new current obsession hands-down...

{Photo by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on... 8 Oct 2013

marzipan candy from paris

marzipan candy from paris

I've been slowly making my way through our Paris treats, and I had to share these beauties with you that I got from A la Mère de Famille in Paris. Called "calissons" (or marzipan candy), these little confections are seriously in the "too pretty to eat" category. I've been staring at them for weeks and finally took a bite. They're dense, chewy, and sweet with a nice almond flavor—similar to other marizipan candies I've had before but not overly sweet. I also think they make really pretty inspiration for sugar cookies painted in pretty pearlescent tops...

{Photo by Oh Joy. Similar tray from Jayson Home, napkin by A Sunny Afternoon.}

flights of fancy... 24 Sep 2013

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

I'm not a big drinker, so when I hear about wine flights or beer flights, my mind wanders to dessert. I'd much rather fill up my calories on a treat of the sweet kind. Tasting flights are all about starting with the lightest version of a taste and getting bolder and more interesting with each piece. So I decided to share how I'd savor each piece of a flight of chocolate using one of the six flights in these GODIVA Truffle Flights™ (I chose the cake truffles).

Each truffle in the series is placed in the box in order for the ideal tasting experience. And because each bite has it's own taste and story, I wanted to pair each with their own complementary "shot" of my favorite relaxing drinks. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, I encourage you to try making your dessert (whether it's simply ice cream, chocolates, or potato chips) into a really fancy flight. It will make even the simplest snack feel more luxurious and indulgent...

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 01 - Birthday Cake truffle + milk: Any dessert is pretty special with a glass of ice cold milk, especially when it tastes like a birthday party in one little bite.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 02 - Pineapple Hummingbird + mint tea: When I was pregnant, I drank so much mint tea to calm my nausea. I have been in love with it ever since. Simply add fresh mint leaves to hot water, and it steeps in no time. Paired with a fruity bite of pineapple, banana, and white chocolate, the mint tea is even better. 

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 03 - Cheesecake + an iced latte: An iced latte is my favorite afternoon pick-me-up when I'm feeling a little sluggish. Add a creamy bite of cheesecake-inspired chocolate...and, ummm, amazing.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 04 - Red Velvet + green tea: I love pairing chocolate with my favorite tea of all: green tea. The slight bitterness from the tea balances out the sweetness from the cocoa in this morsel of red velvet.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 05 - Chocolate Lava + Iced Mocha: I've been loving iced mochas lately as a morning or afternoon delight. Take a bite of dark chocolate with a sip of an iced mocha, and it's like a mini version of a very fancy dessert.

Oh Joy | Godiva Truffle Flights

No. 06 - Lemon Chiffon + coconut water: Finally, top it all off with a refreshing sip of coconut water and a lemony bite of white chocolate.

I love the idea of keeping a box of chocolates and only having one a day. By enjoying just one each day paired with a tasty drink, the one bite becomes an indulgence to look forward to. 

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with GODIVA. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy. 

{Art direction and styling by Oh Joy. Photos by Casey Brodley.}

currently snacking on... 13 Aug 2013

Witch Finger grapes | photo by Oh Joy

Witch Finger grapes | photo by Oh Joy

When I come across unique versions of fruit (like golden raspberries), I get really excited. I found these Witch Finger grapes at the grocery store the other day. They're shaped like chili peppers yet taste just like red seedless grapes. They're sweet, juicy, and super fun to eat..almost like eating candy in grape form...

{Photos by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on... 6 Aug 2013

Unreal Candy | photo by Oh Joy

Lately, I've been loving Unreal Candy. It's like your favorite chocolate candies from childhood except totally all natural—no corn syrup, no artificial colors, and just that touch of sweetness that I like. I'm totally addicted....

{Photo by Oh Joy. Car shakers by Kate Spade.}

my favorite edible gifts... 29 Jul 2013


One of the most common questions I get from my friends is suggestions for edible thank you/birthday/anytime gifts. I'm kind of obsessed with food gifts, so I wanted to share my favorites with you...


Cookies. You can never go wrong with cookies, unless your friend doesn't like cookies, in which case you might want to consider un-friending him or her right now. I love Molly Penny (shown above), The Cravory, and Milk Jar Cookies for the soft, chewy cookies, and Früute and Whimsy & Spice for crisp cookies.


Homemade Candy Bars. Homemade candy bars are a nice update to the typical box-of-chocolates gift. I love Liddibit Sweets (shown above), whose offerings change seasonally, as well as Sweeteeth, Mast Brothers, Chocolate Editions, and Komforte Bars for alternatives to your standard chocolate bar flavors. Candy bars are also a great option for when you need to spend less than $20 on a gift.


Cake. How often does a whole cake show up at your door? A cake is an awesome way to say, "Happy birthday, eat your heart out!" I love Momofuku Milk Bar for its unique flavors (the cake truffles are awesome, too) and Georgetown Cupcakes for those who like their cake in smaller bites.


Ice Cream. Ice cream is usually a tougher (and more expensive) gift to send due to the express shipping costs and the fact that it has to stay cold. But if you're willing to spend the money and can make sure the receiver will be home, it's a pretty awesome gift to have show up at your front door. My favorites are from Jeni's and Ciao Bella (the Key lime graham flavor is one of my favorites ever). There is even a site that ships a ton of ice cream brands (genius!). 

Finally, for you savory folks, a few suggestions of the salty kind...

Pickles. This is kind of the best gift ever to send to a pregnant friend, especially if she loves pickles like I do. I think I received like 10 jars of pickles when we first announced we were pregnant with Ruby—and even if your friend doesn't eat those pickles right away, they're kind of the gift that keeps on giving thanks to their shelf-stability. My favorites right now are from Gordy's, McClure's, and Mother in Law's (if you want to get into the kimchi territory).

Charcuterie and Cheese. This is my favorite gift to send to a new mom. It's like, "Hey, you had your baby, now you can eat all the soft cheeses and cured meats you want again!" I love Beecher's and Zingerman's, as well as the options from great food gift sites like Fab and Dean & DeLuca.

So, there you go...now go give something delicious to someone you really love, like, or whom you want to love/like you back! ;) 

{Photos by Oh Joy}

currently snacking on... 18 Jul 2013

Momofuku Milk Bar | Cake Tasting Set

You know how sometimes you want cake, but you don't want a whole piece? This cake tasting package by Momofuku Milk Bar is pretty genius. With flavors like apple pie cake, birthday cake, chocolate chip cake, and pretzel cake, it's exactly how I'd want to eat my dessert every day if I could—in lots of little bites of every flavor available...

P.S. Speaking of snacks, I was recently a guest on Amy Cao's super cute video series, Stupidly Simple Snacks for The Cooking Channel. You can see our episode right here...


{Photo by Oh Joy, video courtesy of The Cooking Channel}

{oh joy eats} milk jar cookies... 8 Jul 2013

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

I'm always on the lookout for special treats to give as gifts for when I don't have time (or the ability) to make them as good myself! So I stopped into Milk Jar Cookies in L.A. recently for a dose of homemade cookie goodness.

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Milk Jar Cookies | photo by Bonnie Tsang

Some of my favorite cookies included the Banana Split, Rocky Road, and Chocolate Pecan Caramel. They're the soft and chewy kind of cookie that make you feel like you just came home from school, and your mom surprised you with a special treat!

One of my favorite things about the shop is the story behind it. The owners left their long-time corporate jobs to pursue their dream of opening a cookie shop. Maybe it's because I love entrepreneurial stories or just that it makes me happy when people have a chance to do what they really love. Either way, there is so much joy baked into each and every pillow-soft cookie you'll find here...

Milk Jar Cookies | 5466 Wilshire Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90036 | 323.634.9800
(shipping outside of LA available, too!)

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang. My outfit: Dress by En Soie, netted bag c/o And So It Goes, vintage belt, necklace by Anthropologie (past season), shoes from ShoeMint (past season).}

summer s'mores... 26 Jun 2013

Oh Joy | Summer S'mores

You may know that I have a thing (or two) for s'mores. Well, to switch things up for summer, I decided to try a few new s'mores combinations using white chocolate. White chocolate looks so light and pretty, and pairs so well with fruity flavors. So for your summer s'mores adventures, I highly recommend trying these variations...

Oh Joy | Summer S'mores

Vanilla Funfetti S'mores: Layer sugar cookies, vanilla bean marshmallows, and white chocolate. Then top the whole thing off with rainbow sugar sprinkles on the melted marshmallows.

Oh Joy | Summer S'mores

Cherry Lemonade S'mores: Start with lemon wafers, lemon marshmallows, and white chocolate. Then add slices of Rainier cherries before sandwiching the layers together.

Oh Joy | Summer S'mores

Toasty Coconut Waffle S'mores: Sandwich coconut marshmallowswhite chocolate, and shredded coconut between Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies (these are from Trader Joe's). Um, hello sweet tooth...!

What other s'mores combos are you guys loving for summer?

P.S. They're even better with these summer fruit cubes...

{Photos: Bonnie Tsang. Production assistant: Julia Sir. Tea towel from Target, mini pedestal by Herriott Grace. This summer inspiration is brought to you by Target. Find more fun and surprises all season long on Target's #SummerUp Pinterest board. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thanks for supporting these sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Oh Joy.}


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