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Oh Joy!

Thank you guys so much for all of your support in the last week after we announced that we're saying goodbye to our e-commerce shop! The orders have poured in and that has helped us tremendously to clear through our remaining inventory. If you've ordered anything in our final sale over the last few days, those orders are being fulfilled and you'll have it in your hands very soon!

We received lots of questions about our e-com shop closing, so I wanted to talk a bit more about it now that our sale is done...

Q: Why are you closing your shop?

A: As a business owner, I try new things all the time. Things evolve in my business, and I get ideas for new avenues to go and new ways to expand my business. Sometimes those things flourish, and sometimes they don't. I usually give a new part of my business two years to see if it's working before continuing with it or deciding to move on. Back when I had my own stationery line in 2007, I gave it 2 years before deciding to close it. It was financially draining, and I found myself stuck with tons of credit card debt trying to keep up with producing more and more product. After I closed that line, I moved into licensing which was one of the best decisions I made for this business and a big part of the work we still do today.

A similar thing happened here with the Oh Joy! online shop. As we reached two years of having our own e-commerce, it didn't make sense financially for us to continue with that part of the business. It wasn't financially beneficial for us and took much more resources than we were making from it. It was a bittersweet decision to close it, but it will make space (mentally, physically, and financially) for other parts of the business to grow.

Q: Will we still be able to buy your product collections and collaborations?

A: YES! You'll still be able to buy all of our product collaborations through our partner's retail sites. We are in the process of updating our website and soon you'll be able to easily find where you can purchase everything Oh Joy! We also have lots more coming this year! Instead of managing the sales of those products, we are leaving it in all of our partner's very capable hands.


Q: What about the rest of Oh Joy?

A: While I know this seems like a big change to our customers, the online shop only accounted for about 10-15% of our annual revenue. It was a very small portion of the Oh Joy! business for the past two years. Oh Joy! is still here. We have lots more new and exciting things coming this year (from product launches to my house reveals and more!). So please sign up for our mailing list, continue to read this blog, and follow along @ohjoy and @ohjoyco for all the updates!

We love you all and thank you endlessly for your support!

(Photo by Calpak, words by Joy Cho)

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we're closing the oh joy! shop...

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We have some bittersweet news for you today! After two years of testing out our own e-commerce shop, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on other areas of the Oh Joy! business and are closing our online shop after this weekend. We're incredibly thankful for all of our amazing vendors and to all of you for being with us on this journey and for your support. It means the world to us!

To say goodbye, we're offering 40% OFF the Oh Joy! Shop site-wide (including current sale items) through Sunday night at 11:59pm PST.

We still have lots of other exciting things planned for this year and beyond, and you will still be able to find all of our Oh Joy! collections online at our partner websites. 

{Photos by Lily Glass. Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Joy Cho and Traci Michael.}

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Mod Mosaic — This one is abstract, colorful, and fun! It comes in a cool or warm color palette so you can pick your favorite.

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Disco Daisies — We love florals, and this design is such a great ode to spring! We've got lots of bright colors for the new season to keep you organized and hit refresh. 

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Groovy StripesAbstract and minimalist, this design brings a bold punch of color to your day and can be custom made to any two colors you wish!

These interchangeable covers are available for their planners (which are currently on sale!) and notebooks, so you can mix and match as often as you want. Shop them all here and get organized! 

{Photos by Lily Glass. Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Traci Michael.}

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