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happy friday + 5 things i'm teaching my children that we often forget as adults...

4 things i'm teaching my children that we often forget as adults

As my kids get older, I find myself navigating so many situations where I need to figure out how to guide them towards the right way to be, how to be kind, how to be a good person...in ways that a kid can understand. Here are a few things that have come up recently that felt like things we can all be doing in our grown-up lives as well...

1. Greet people when you see them ("Good morning!", "Hi!") AND make sure you look them in the eye! Whether it's the bus driver, your teacher, your friend's mom or dad, make eye contact with those you see and greet.

2. Be kind to everyone (even if they are not kind to you). I know it can be really hard to be nice to someone that isn't always very nice to you. But we can't let someone else's lack of kindness affect us. Be the one who is kind to everyone because you don't know who is struggling with something else at home or maybe having a hard time themselves. They need your kindness.

3. When you are having a conversation with someone—listen to them—and treat him or her like they are the most important person in the room. Whether it's a friend or someone you just met at a party, give everyone the same respect and attention. It doesn't matter if someone is older, younger, or you think they are not at the same level as you in some way. Treat everyone the same as you would like to be treated.

4. Write notes when you're thankful (and also when you're sorry). Give and send thank you notes (or drawings) when people make you feel special on your birthday or give you a gift. Also, if you did something not nice to a friend, write them real life letter to apologize.

5. It's ok to get messy. Enjoy the mess because it's often in those moments that we are most creative, free, and happy! But we still need to have a plan to clean up afterwards (because your mom won't always clean up your messes). :P 

Have a great, LONG weekend! We'll see you back here on Tuesday!

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make your own yearbook!

Make Your Own Yearbook! / via Oh Joy! #OhJoyForMixbook

The school year is almost over, and it's time to remember all the good times we had! Our Oh Joy! for Mixbook Yearbook is my favorite way to keep track of the year because they're great for documenting everything that happened, and there are lots of fun ways to use them, with or without kids. Check it out...

Make Your Own Yearbook! / via Oh Joy! #OhJoyForMixbook

1) A baby book! Julia, our Creative Content Producer & Stylist, used her yearbook to document her babe's first year. She filled it with all the milestones so the entire family can easily flip through it and remember Bodhi's very special first year. 

Make Your Own Yearbook! / via Oh Joy! #OhJoyForMixbook

2. As a school yearbook! I made one to document Ruby's first grade year and filled it with photos of her artwork, classmates, and recitals. I love the idea of making one each year, so she can look back at each year as she grows. Plus, this is a much more personalized version of a traditional school yearbook which your kids will love seeing all the things they did in one compact book!

Make Your Own Yearbook! / via Oh Joy! #OhJoyForMixbook

3. A yearbook for yourself! I love the idea of making one for ourselves, too! So often we make books just for our kid's, but it's fun to make ones that document our vacations, work milestones, and time with friends. My Executive Assistant and New Business Coordinator, Courtney, made one of her own to highlight 2018, and I love it so much!

Make Your Own Yearbook! / via Oh Joy! #OhJoyForMixbook

How do you like to reflect and remember the year!? As we head into the long holiday weekend, it can be a great time to start a fun project like this and put together your very own photo book! They're super user friendly so you can quickly upload images into a hardbound book you can keep forever and ever.

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color adventures: a mellow yellow dining room...

color adventures: a yellow dinning room... / via oh joy!

For this month's Color Adventures, we're saying hellllllooo to YELLOW! First up is this very mellow yellow dining room. Here are a few tips, tricks, and things to keep in mind when creating your own monochromatic sunshine-y space...

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how to shop vintage on pinterest...

How to Shop Vintage on Pinterest... / via Oh Joy!

Wearing vintage is one of my all-time favorite things. I love that each piece has a story attached to it (it's fun to imagine who owned the piece before me and what their life was like). I love the idea that I'm reusing clothes and also getting to hand them down over the years. Vintage pieces also incorporate so much color, personality, and amazing details that make an outfit one of a kind.

So...I created a "Vintage" Pinterest board with lots of my favorite styles. Pinterest recently rolled out a feature where you can SHOP items similar to ones in the image. That means that even though a lot of the pieces on the board will be one-of-a-kind and not something you can find now. But, with this new feature, you can find vintage pieces that are similar...or new pieces that have a similar look and feel. Here's a crash course in how to use the feature...

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pretty pastel mini bundt cakes...

Mini Bundt Cakes / Recipe via Oh Joy!

Happy Monday! Mini anything is pretty cute. And, anything pastel is even better. So today, we're showing you how to make these pastel mini bundt cakes! They're the perfect treat for a spring party or shower so guests can each take one, and they look so pretty stacked together or on a tier. Here's how to make them... 

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