Oh JoyOh Joy

A soft-serve ice cream dispenser...

Inspired by Beth, the Queen of Lists...here is a list of Things I Hope Will Happen Someday...

• Lucky Magazine will arrive in my mailbox 4 days BEFORE it hits newstands, instead of 4 days after.
• There will be a four-door Mini Cooper. An actual one--not plans for one.
• I will own a REAL Eames and Saarinen piece of furniture...preferably an Eames chair (or four) and a Saarinen table.
• Lombardi's pizza will come back to Philadelphia, so we can stop eating Papa John's.
• InStyle magazine will have less ads in it, but will still be just as thick.
• There will be a tennis court in my backyard. And a ball machine. And someone to pick up the balls.
• My cat Bruce will no longer have an anxiety disorder.
• Gavin Degraw will sing the acoustic version of "More Than Anyone" at my wedding. Afterwards, he'll stay for a bit and have a couple glasses of Veuve.
• I will have a soft serve ice cream dispenser in my kitchen...with chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee flavors...and a 4th flavor that will change weekly.
• Lucky Magazine and Domino magazine will write an article about me and my fab home accessories. The goods will have MY name on them, not a client or company that I work for.
• Cats will have their day in the sun, and it will be socially acceptable to take your cat around with you on a leash.
• Iron Chef Morimoto will become my personal chef.
• I will have the ability to be just a TAD more laid back.