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Hooray for Cats Wearing Pants!


Last month, I came across these adorable prints from artist/illustrator Tammy. She created 100 of these cats, all of whom wear different slacks. Some are preppy, some are conservative, and some are just plain crazy with sparkly hot pants. They are all just so damn cute I had to buy a few. There's nothing funnier than imagining my cats wearing these pants!

AND, the cats have names! The ones I have are named Fancy {top, with sparkly red pants & orange button}, Marlon {cream pants & red button}, and Salami {hot pink pants & orange button}.

10 Reasons I Love Potatoes

Every Friday I list 10 Reasons I Love {fill in the blank}. Previously, I have talked about my friends, today I give you...my favorite tuber. So, here are 10 Reasons I Love Potatoes...

10. They're filling. If you're ever hungry, eat a potato. You won't be hungry afterwards.

09. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. There's really a potato for everyone.

08. Potatoes are a versatile food. They can be baked, fried, mashed, boiled, dehydrated, sauteed & pureed. They can be served cold or hot.

07. They are also versatile for craft projects, such as making a Mr. Potato Head, creating potato stamps & for powering a clock for an elemantary school science project.

06. Potatoes don't like to be ignored. When you forget about them in the cupboard, they try and reach out to you. They grow stalks from their tubers that say, "Don't forget about me! If you do, my stalks will grow so much you can eat me anymore."

05. Potatoes aren't stuck in their ways. They can be savory or sweet...a main course, an appetizer, or a dessert.

04. Potatoes can get you buzzed. You can use them to make wine or a light Vodka. It takes about a year before you can drink the potato alcohol, but it can be done. Here's the recipe.

03. Potatoes are cheap. If you're broke or would rather spend your paycheck on shoes than food, a potato is an inexpensive meal choice.

02. Potatoes can also be used as a method of self-defense. How? I don't know. But I couldn't think of anything else for #2.

01. Potatoes make me happy.

Tapas-style date! Brilliant!

Last night, Jeff the chef came over and made us dinner to congratulate us on our engagement. It was lovely...salad with bacon-wrapped dates & apple/onion confit; lamb chops with couscous, spinach, & an olive tapenade, and for desert a godiva chocolate cake/brownie with ice cream...yum!

But last night, I also learned about the tapas-style date. I haven't dated in so long that I was delighted to hear about HIS dating adventures. A tapas-style date does not involve going out to eat tapas...it involves going to a few different restaurants all in one evening...all as part of ONE date. So, you might start off at an actual tapas place and have a couple small plates, move on to the next place for their house cipriani, on to the next place for the house margarita, and then to the last for sushi and champagne. Sounds lovely! This makes ME want to date Jeff! (Just kidding, Babe!)

I know what it's like...


...to accidentally fall asleep on your friend.

Cupcake Inspiration


I have been recruited to be the Philadelphia correspondant for the 2005 Cupcake Tour. Here's something sweet & pretty to get you excited for more cupcakes to come...

What's in a name?

This past weekend, while sitting next cute little Asian girl named Hazel at brunch with Beth, it made us think about the names we would like for our future children.

JOY: {+*&^} is still my favorite for a girl.
BETH: Damn. I wanted that name!
JOY: I told you about that name in 2001 when I met a girl named {+*&^}.
BETH: I know, it's yours...
JOY: A good way to determine if a name flows is if she/he could use their real first and last name as the name for a fashion label or as a book author.

Today, Beth and I are emailing about how baby bedding has become so sophisticated and chic lately. She writes...

BETH: My baby, {+*&^}, will use cool bedding like that.
JOY: That is so mean.
BETH: I said something kind of mean to my mom yesterday. I told her I kind of hoped you have all boys so I could use the name. But you know I dont mean that. It's your name. I promise.
JOY: This is why we need friendship necklaces. Our relationship is clearly falling apart.

Window Washing 101

Today, the windows of my building are being washed. It is much appreciated so that I can actually SEE the view outside my window instead of being distracted by a thick film of dirt and dust. However, due to the fact that I work from home, I am ducking for cover from these window washers. I am torn - I want to see the outside and the sunshine while I work, but I also do not want them to see me in my pajamas. So, here I am opening and closing the shades as I hear them and see their ropes move up and down. I accidentally left one of the shades slightly open, then I saw a window washer man quickly approaching...so I hid under my desk until he passed.

A more patient person would close the shades, work in less light, and wait until they are done.

Wondering what to sleep on tonight?


Here's a look at some GREAT bedding out there right now. {Left to Right} Variegated bedding & pillows, Dwell Baby bedding, pillows by Variegated, Amenity duvet cover, Macaroni baby bedding by Nurseryworks, Swell sheets from Target, pillows by Three Sheets 2 the Wind, Tree Pillow by Eleventwentyfive, and Ultrasuede pillows by Michele Varian.

Many of these are available at Design Public. A great online store, design resource, and blog.

Time for Rest : Paris Edition


The next time you're in Paris, check out this GORGEOUS hotel! The Hotel du Petit Moulin is a 17-room, four-star hotel in the Marais district. The interiors are designed by none other than Christain Lacroix. This wall with Lacroix's fashion sketches is INCREDIBLE. If I stayed in this room, I would never sleep. I would simply stare at the walls in amazement.

Finally feeling inspired.


I've been feeling very uninspired the past couple weeks and in a total creative slump. Things are picking up though, and I have decided it's time for a new sketch book. Pale blue cover, black spine, spiral bound. Let's hope this one takes me somewhere I haven't been before.

Here are some images that are helping me feel inspired today. {from left to right}: girls in floaty polka-dotted bathing suits, faceted gold vessels, wooden gridded holder for random knick-knacks, mini classic cars, brightly colored crocheted lace and floral plates, satin/silk pumps in muted jewel tones & the circus.

I am also IN LOVE with the bedding & pillows by Variegated. I imagine that if I had their bedding, I would throw a cocktail/ice cream party on my bed and then take a long, restful nap afterwards.