Oh JoyOh Joy

It's about time!


So, after much cajoling from my dear friend Beth...I have started a blog of my very own. She thinks my life is interesting enough to tell the whole world. So, for my very first post, here are some things I may talk about in the near future.

1. Being a freelance designer & all things related to shopping, home stuff, and visually cool things.
2. Being newly engaged, in love, & in the process of planning a wedding.
3. Being the owner of three cats. Mind you, I did not get three cats on my own...they are the result of the merging of assets between Me and my New Fiancé...one + two = three.
4. Being friends with Beth without whom this blog would not be possible. She also deserves credit for the name of my blog.
5. Being a fan of food and eating...all the time. You'll wonder how a small Asian girl could think about food so much. But really, it's possible.
6. Lastly, being a huge nerd. This is something I have come to accept in my recent years of adulthood. I am a dork/nerd and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Once you pass your mid-twenties, the level of dorkiness within you is pretty much set.