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Who, me? Yes, you!

Hooray! I was very excited to come across this blog and see that Beth and I received a mention! It says we are..."Two stylish friends making blogland hip and fashionable one post at a time."

Whoa...so cool. Thanks, Creature Comforts! Check out her blog for a visual showcase of cool & pretty things.

Gold necklace mystery solved!


Many month's ago, I purchased this necklace at a little boutique in Brooklyn while in town visiting.


I LOVE the necklace and wear it often. But, I didn't know who designed it and could never give a good answer when people asked me where I got it. I called the store MANY times to find out. No one ever returned my calls. I emailed the store. No answer. Beth even went there one day to ask for me--and the chick didn't know who made the necklace. {How can you work at a shop and not know where your merchandise came from?}. This weekend, while in town - I got an answer when someone at the shop finally knew! Wendy Bassin designed the necklace that I love so much, and her site is amazing. Very beautifully designed by Nothing: Something: NY.

Weekend O' Fun


Highlights from the impromptu visit to Brooklyn this weekend.

01. Trying on wedding dresses...proved unsuccessful. I couldn't believe the craziness of this big POOFY dress! So, I had to try it on. (Yes, there are hints of green AND purple in the tuille skirt.) This is NOT the kind of dress I had in mind.
02. Seeing Beth try on dresses at Jenny Yoo. Proved VERY successful. I liked a lot of the dresses and need to make a return visit. Beth enjoyed the roominess in the maternity dress option. I said, no.
03. Eating a HUGE plate of nachos at Dinner
04. Getting the same pair of shoes as Beth-lovely rust color leather wedges from Steve Madden. AND wearing them to brunch together the next morning.
05. Sitting next to an adorable little Asian girl at brunch. Her name was Hazel, and she had three pig tails.

What is it with me and doormen?

Today, I was down in the lobby of my apt. building eagerly awaiting some pay checks in the mail. While, I am waiting one of the doormen says to me, "Miss, I think you're a very attractive woman." I respond, "Oh... (surprised) Thank you."

Whoa. Actually, he said it in a very sweet way...and he is an older gentleman, so I don't fear this will turn into "Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn".

Here is the story of Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn:
So, I didn't live in a doorman building back in Brooklyn. No, just a lovely old mansion that was converted into a walk-up apartment building. BUT, I used to pass a doorman building every weekend as I toted my huge laundry bag to Montague Street. For a couple weeks, he would see me and just smile. But then one day, he starting talking to me. He asked me my name...and stupidly, I told him. So for a while longer, we would say hello using each others names as I passed by. But one day, it was very cold outside--and as I passed by and said hello (Remember, I have NO free hands because of my huge laundry bag wrapped in my arms) the doorman KISSED me! He kissed me on the cheek, but really..isn't that still inappropriate? For the remaining year I lived in Brooklyn, I would walk completely out of my way to avoid passing by him. Or I would walk on the other side of the street and ignore him when he repeatedly called out my name.

Lesson to be learned: Do not kiss women on the street unless they are your wife, girlfriend, or friend. And definitely do not kiss innocent girls trying to do laundry on their day off.

A soft-serve ice cream dispenser...

Inspired by Beth, the Queen of Lists...here is a list of Things I Hope Will Happen Someday...

• Lucky Magazine will arrive in my mailbox 4 days BEFORE it hits newstands, instead of 4 days after.
• There will be a four-door Mini Cooper. An actual one--not plans for one.
• I will own a REAL Eames and Saarinen piece of furniture...preferably an Eames chair (or four) and a Saarinen table.
• Lombardi's pizza will come back to Philadelphia, so we can stop eating Papa John's.
• InStyle magazine will have less ads in it, but will still be just as thick.
• There will be a tennis court in my backyard. And a ball machine. And someone to pick up the balls.
• My cat Bruce will no longer have an anxiety disorder.
• Gavin Degraw will sing the acoustic version of "More Than Anyone" at my wedding. Afterwards, he'll stay for a bit and have a couple glasses of Veuve.
• I will have a soft serve ice cream dispenser in my kitchen...with chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee flavors...and a 4th flavor that will change weekly.
• Lucky Magazine and Domino magazine will write an article about me and my fab home accessories. The goods will have MY name on them, not a client or company that I work for.
• Cats will have their day in the sun, and it will be socially acceptable to take your cat around with you on a leash.
• Iron Chef Morimoto will become my personal chef.
• I will have the ability to be just a TAD more laid back.

What, are you...sixteen?

Last night, Melanie and I went to the Bloomingdale's/InStyle Magazine Wedding Party event..a bridal affair showing off various vendors, products, etc...

-unexpected free food like wedding cake, butternut squash soup from The Four Seasons, summer rolls, tuna tartare, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne!
-saw some very lovely dishes by Missoni, Kate Spade, and Ralph Lauren
-big goody bags with Vera Wang shot glass/bud vase, navy blue stick umbrella with cool wooden handle, and cute canvas tote bag with lemon yellow bottom
-free set of Ralph Lauren martini glasses {definitely the score of the night!}
-received two compliments on my ring by women who stopped me and asked to see it
-Melanie won a door prize...bridal jewelry compromised of a necklace and earrings made of cubic zirconia. I told her if she wins the honeymoon vacation, she's taking me (not her boyfriend). I was the one who dragged her there.

-a wedding coordinator gave me a smelly votive candle. The scent was "Wedding Day". If that's what my wedding day is going to smell like, Bob and I are bringing Febreeze with us.
-no fashion show as I had hoped. Just two girls walking around in wedding dresses holding up cards saying, "Find this dress at Bloomingdale's." I thought maybe the dresses were from Wal-mart.
-a photographer told me, "You can't be getting MARRIED! What, are you sixteen?" No, but thanks for being the 208th person to tell me I look younger than I am.
-I did not win ANY of the door prizes...not even the Vera Wang Christmas ornament that a Jewish girl won but forfeited for obvious reasons. My name is still in the drawing for the honeymoon vacation, so maybe? Or not.

These are a few of my favorite things!


As Fall approaches, here is a look back at some of my best finds this year. These are items I have gotten MUCH use out of and don't plan to ditch any time soon...

{from left to right}
01 - Cashmere tank with ric-rac by Emma Luv
02 - Raspberry suede peep toes heels from Italy via Ebay
03 - Brown leather bag from Anthropologie
04 - Green sequined and crocheted tank from Ross (really!)
05 - Linen cropped jacket with gold sheen from Anthropologie
06 - Paisley/floral skirt with stitching from by Tracy Reese via Ebay
07 - Eyelit cream leather clutch by R&Y Augousti
08 - Camel peep toe heels from Ann Taylor
09 - Pink metallic flats from Cynthia Rowley
(And, in the background of many of these images)
10 - Satin duvet cover by Nicole Miller at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Restaurant Week - Part I


Restaurant week has officially begun! I have not one, but TWO sets of reservations this week!
Here we are at Philadelphia Fish & Co. with Jubi and Jonathan. We LOVE J&J, and they love us!

Fashion Week Recap


Another Fashion Week has come and gone. Here are a few pieces by Willow and Donna Karan to give us something to look forward to in Spring '06.

It must be love...


My nano has found a new mate. I told her to take it slowly...but she thinks he's the ONE!