Oh JoyOh Joy

What is it with me and doormen?

Today, I was down in the lobby of my apt. building eagerly awaiting some pay checks in the mail. While, I am waiting one of the doormen says to me, "Miss, I think you're a very attractive woman." I respond, "Oh... (surprised) Thank you."

Whoa. Actually, he said it in a very sweet way...and he is an older gentleman, so I don't fear this will turn into "Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn".

Here is the story of Inappropriate Doorman from Brooklyn:
So, I didn't live in a doorman building back in Brooklyn. No, just a lovely old mansion that was converted into a walk-up apartment building. BUT, I used to pass a doorman building every weekend as I toted my huge laundry bag to Montague Street. For a couple weeks, he would see me and just smile. But then one day, he starting talking to me. He asked me my name...and stupidly, I told him. So for a while longer, we would say hello using each others names as I passed by. But one day, it was very cold outside--and as I passed by and said hello (Remember, I have NO free hands because of my huge laundry bag wrapped in my arms) the doorman KISSED me! He kissed me on the cheek, but really..isn't that still inappropriate? For the remaining year I lived in Brooklyn, I would walk completely out of my way to avoid passing by him. Or I would walk on the other side of the street and ignore him when he repeatedly called out my name.

Lesson to be learned: Do not kiss women on the street unless they are your wife, girlfriend, or friend. And definitely do not kiss innocent girls trying to do laundry on their day off.