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Cool Online Shop: Pink Mascara

Pink Mascara = fab mix of clothing & accessories...some super pricey, some reasonably priced...


{left to right, top to bottom}
"Frida" Bracelet by Citrine by the Stones, Coral Pendant Earrings by Orly Baruch
"Ivanka Clutch" by Noelle, Draugsvold Butterfly Necklace
Dolce Vita Leather Flats, Metallic Wedges by Dolce Vita

Cool Paper Goods: millimeter/milligram

Love the quirky, yet functional goods from millimeter/milligram located in Korea. Kelly passed on this site a couple months ago cause she thought I would like it ~ and she was right! They currently only sell their goods in Korea, Japan, and Paris...Well, for now, I will admire their goods from a far..and await my next trip to a country that sells their goods.

UPDATE: Kathy just alerted me to the fact that she's seen millimeter/milligram in the US! Hooray! They don't currently post the US stores on their site, but hopefully soon...


Cupcake Review: Brown Betty Dessert Boutique

Long overdue...here's my first contribution to the International Cupcake Tour.
Here are two cupcakes from Brown Betty Dessert Boutique in Philadelphia. For more about Brown Betty, see my post from a few days ago...


The "Hattie Don't Play" Chocolate Cupcake (right)
Appearance: 4.5
Cake: 5.0
Frosting: 4.0
Final thoughts: Rich, chewy cake ~ almost brownie-like. Frosting is rich and complements cake nicely, nothing was too sweet. Appearance is nice ~ love the big, floppy, hat-like swirl of frosting on top!

The Sourcream Poundcake Cupcake (left)
Appearance: 4.0
Cake: 4.5
Frosting: 3.5
Final thoughts: Love the poundcake cupcake. Frosting was a bit too sour for me...tasted like lemon frosting. Like the spiky hair appearance of the frosting!

new, summery goodness...

...from Kate Spade. Check out the gorgeous Spring ad campaign here ...


Cool Online Shop: Paper Relics

Love the random mix of things you can find at Paper Relics. Formerly known as Paper Scissors Soul, this online shop has a mix of goods from handmade collages, antique type fonts, packs of vintage paper & sheet music paper, as well as a bunch of fun and quirky notecards and postcards...


Philly Find: Cool Shops in Northern Liberties

After a great recommendation from Seamsters about a home shop in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia called P.A.D, I decided to take a stroll around this up-and-coming area this weekend. This area reminds me of old Williamsburg, Brooklyn before the rents got crazy high...sort of industrial feel with a mix of chic shops. Here are some of the fun shops I came across...

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique
An quaint shop with a really nice mix of modern & old-fashion decor...they sell custom-made cakes, as well as ready-made cookies, cupcakes, and Apple Brown Betties. All of the baked goods have great names - most named after women the owners knew or are related to. With names like "Hattie Don't Play", "Hey Thelma", and "Ask Rose" - each baked good really does feel like it has it's own personality. See more at Brown Betty's website...


WHAT + WHERE: Brown Betty Dessert Boutique ~ 1030 North 2nd Street, No. 601 on Liberties Walk, Philadelphia ~ 215 629 0999

The homewares shop which brought me to this section of of Philly, really was a gem with a mix of modern & vintage home accessories. I didn't take any of my own photos, but here's a glimpse from the P.A.D. site...


WHAT + WHERE: P.A.D. ~ 804 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 925 4005

Art Star
I've seen Art Star's website many times and was delighted to come across the actual shop in person. This great little boutique has a mix of clothing, accessories, handmade crafts (from some of your most loved crafting bloggers!) and an ever-changing gallery of artwork.


WHAT + WHERE: Art Star ~ 1030 N. 2nd Street, Unit 301, Philadelphia ~ 215 238 1557

Vintage Modern
A luxe vintage furniture shop with great goods for the collector and wanna-be collector alike. There's no website, but check out their cool business card for a bit of inspiration...
WHAT + WHERE: Vintage Modern, 906 2nd Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 238 1997

Lost + Found
I found this card at another shop, but did not make it to the actual store and have no idea what it is. Either way, the card is cool and will give me a reason to go back and see what the store is all about....
WHAT + WHERE: Lost + Found, 133 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia ~ 215 928 1311


Cool Blog: Gen Art Pulse

Many of you may already know about Gen Art - the organization dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. They've cultivated a loyal following of 21-39 year olds who want to keep in touch with new developments in the arts and who strive to be in-the-know about new happenings in their city. It's huge in New York, amongst other cities. Check out the Gen Art blog ~ Gen Art Pulse ~ a really great mix of fashion, design, music, and travel updates.


Happy Friday...

Happy Friday folks! Here are some inexpensive (yet chic) gold pieces from Fred Flare to keeping you feeling the excitement of the weekend to come...


Cool Designer: Binth

The paper goods by Binth are seriously like pieces of visual candy (or crack) for me! I love the cool graphics, fun (yet not overly cute) feel, mix of modern and vintage vibe, and the 100% recycled stocks they use. I heard about Binth over at Design Sponge a little while ago and knew I needed to positively exploit them further myself!


Inspirations this week...

Inspirations this week come from (surprise, surprise!) LOVE and pretty things...rich colors, layers of material including paper & ribbon, small objects, and precious hand-held goods...


{All images from Martha Stewart Wedding Spring 2004 - yes, that's right...Beth and I stumbled upon huge stacks of old wedding mags last weekend on the sidewalk...yes, inspiration can come from things that are two years old...}