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i'd like the space ship room please...

Boutique hotels with designer & artist-themed rooms are becoming more and more common. After my post on Hotel Yasmin in Barcelona last week, reader Anna sent me a link to Hotel Fox in Copenhagen where she recently stayed. If you want a completely unique room {and happen to be visiting Copenhagen}, it doesn't get more unique than this. Each room is custom-designed and serves as a canvas for each artist & designer...


vintage-inspired clutches...

These clutches and bags by Krista Raak are like vintage treasures found at an old estate. I love the use of layers and textures...and her use of color is AMAZING! For the bohemian, garden party bride, the clutches would be lovely as bridesmaids gifts or for the bride herself! Located in Estonia, Krista ships worldwide...


Thanks Domino!

Thanks to Domino Magazine for making Oh Joy! one of their website's instant bookmarks! I am honored and flattered...not to mention, I am listed with two other sites I LOVE, Rare Device and Weego Home. Also, check out the Domino Black Book for a great list of links for design lovers.



Akhassa is a new line of natural, holistic skin care remedies and treatments based on the age-old Southeast Asian traditions remembered from the childhood of Lisa and Roslyn Gillespie who grew up in Southeast Asia. Their interest in Asian therapies and treatments was inspired by their Thai mother, who introduced them to traditional Asian healing remedies at an early age. Akhassa is the ethereal fifth element in ancient Siamese culture, binds and balances the tangible elements of earth, water, fire and air. I have yet to try these beautiful products {made with such ingredients as bamboo shoots, galangal, pikul flower, tamarind, and more...} but the packaging really draws me...what a surprise...{Thanks to Joanna for the tip!}


Port2Port July Card

Check out the new limited edition July card from Port2Port Press called The Tulip which features a gorgeous tone-on-tone tulip. Also, for those who haven't yet seen the June cards for the Card Society, see their beauty below...as always, Maria's work is pure & lovely!




i love multi-function

As much as post about pattern and color, I'm also a big fan of pieces that are multi-functional and designed to serve more than one purpose. These pieces from Vitamin do just that! They're also a touch whimsical behind their serene and white facade.


{left to right, top to bottom: The I.V. Plant Pot has a self-watering feed that allows the plant to get nourished as it needs it. Tab A combines an ashtray with a vase. The vase sits on top of the ashtray, concealing it both visually and aromatically. The Vitamin Fruit Bowl displays fruit and acts as a storage space for vitamin tablets. While the fruit sits in the bowl, the vitamins are hidden in three test tubes, inserted into the arm of the bowl.}

yay for screen printing!

I recently finished up a six-week, 8-hour-a-day screen printing class. It was so nice to get my hands dirty like those days in art school. It was also really nice to see my work in another medium besides the standard printing techniques I often use...it brings a lovely slightly imperfect and irregular quality to the work. Here are snippets of some pieces. I can't show it quite all yet since some of these pieces will be used for my wedding!


Hotel Yasmin

The Hotel Yasmin in Prague is truly a piece of yellow, leafy goodness. The modern-styled hotel is covered in their signature leaf print. At times, it seems a bit much ~ but it's really lovely to look at and quite unconventional for a hotel.


{Via Travel + Leisure, June 2006}

floral prints for travel...


{left to right, top to bottom: Lulu Guinness Baroque Wallet, Woodland Rose Cosmetic Bag, Catherine Blue Paisley Clutch, Damask Vinyl Cosmetic Bag.}

furniture & their backdrops...

I'm going to jump on the design bloggers' bandwagon and do a little post about Osborne & Little {via Design*Sponge & Love Made Visible}. It's no question that this UK textile design company has a great sense of color and has mastered the ability to mix & match pattern. But it's the way they portray their pieces that has me completely mesmerized. The high contrast furniture against a complementary print...or even the completely matching furniture against the same wallpaper {à la Zach Braff in Garden State!}. It's not about whether these things would actually work in your home {although these images certainly encourage exploration}...but I'm loving the way they represent their pieces and make them that much more enticing to buy. Just another reinforcement why art direction, styling, and photography are so vital to selling great products...