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Cool Artist: Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell uses non-art materials such as books and clothes to create work which evokes a sense of dreamy melancholy or magical enchantment. Her work includes repetitive labor-intensive processes that often involve sewing, knotting, folding and cutting, intimate actions that reveal the hand at work...


our wedding: the invitations

At long last, here's a snippet of our wedding invitations! Bob and I have known each other for 10 years and dated almost that entire time. I didn't want to design anything too tightly themed, but rather symbolize our growth together through nature iconography in our stationery.

We were married on the first day of Fall so imagery was based around the changing of seasons, growth, and metamorphosis through images like butterflies, leaves, and swirls of wind. The main colors were chocolate brown, chartreuse, and charcoal grey. Another primary color ~ raspberry ~ was brought in during the wedding through the flowers and other stationery collateral of that day. I designed the set and then outsourced the letterpress printing of the invites, rsvp, thank you notes, and envelopes. The outer chocolate brown sleeves were wrapped in a laser-printed & patterned band. See more details and photos here...


{All images by Oh Joy! Studio}

metallic florals...

These floral jewelry pieces by Donna Barry of Diverse Gallery (UK) are stunning. Donna works with soft metals such as silver & 18ct gold which allow her to explore techniques of fusion in a new and exciting way.


Cool Illustrator: Simone Jessup

I saw the work of Australian illustrator Simone Jessup last week over at Print & Pattern, and I had to extend the love. Simone's work is richly colorful, graphic, organic, and so lovely. This multi-color flower series that she has on her website is just GORGEOUS!


{images via Simone Jessup's website}

Behnaz Sarafpour for Target!

The newest Go International collection at Target has launched! And Behnaz Sarafpour is bringing her classic & refined feminine style to the masses with a collection that will slowly be unveiled over the next few months. Lots of basic black and white coloring, cute cocktail dresses, and lace details. See the current Target collection here {shown in top row} and Behnaz's regular collection here {shown in bottom row}...



{images from Target and Behnaz Sarafpour.}

a cat on a sunday...


the egg press shop!

It really makes me jump for joy {no pun intended} when designers open shop on their own websites! It makes looking, buying, and being inspired that much better. Egg Press was one of the first letterpress companies I became familiar with when the huge rejuvenation of letterpress started years ago. And, they continue to expand upon their amazingly colorful and whimsical line. In the Egg Press Shop, there are limited edition pieces that you can't find anywhere else including tees, pouches, and special card sets...


{Philly} Friday Favorites

For all you Philly folks out there, I'll be posting some of my new favorite Philadelphia spots every {or every other} Friday. They'll be a mix of shops, restaurants, art, and other new discoveries I think are worth recommending. Most will be in the Center City (downtown) area since that's my hood. So, here you go...


Giwa ~ Simple Good Korean Food ~ 1608 Sansom Street (Rittenhouse Sq.) ~ 215-557-9830
My husband is Korean, and we typically do not go to any Korean restaurants downtown because they are overly trendy and the food is much less authentic. But Giwa is a great place to get quick, easy Korean staples that are pretty satisfying to the Korean food lover. It's an order and sit down place with a modern feel and young atmosphere. Prices are cheap for a meal (around $10 for an entrée), but a bit expensive compared to Korean food in Koreatown. But, to be able to walk in and sit down, take it to go, or (soon) to get it delivered, is well-worth the few extra bucks you'll be paying, especially for those of us who live in the city and don't have a car. You can go to Koreatown another night when you're with a larger group and want to stay and linger over BBQ and Soju.


Lithe Pilates ~ Amazing Workout ~ 1030 N. 2nd Street, No. 401 (N. Liberties) ~ 215 928 1662
Lithe was named Best of Philly this past summer and for good reason. I've been a member since the Spring, and it was an amazing way to get in shape for my wedding. Lithe mixes classic pilates with barre ballet work, weight training, isometrics, and more. If you're looking to shed a lot of weight, you'll need to combine this with more cardio and good eating habits. But for better tone, posture, and strength, it's a total body workout that will get your butt in gear!


Jessica Ritter's Show ~ Rowan University, New Jersey
The opening for Decor{ate} is tonight, Friday, October 27th. The show will be a giant installation with hand painting on the walls, prints, paintings, hand-screen printed pillows, curtains & fabrics...and will be up until November 6th.

{Check out more Philly spots in the category section to the right called Local Finds.}

New Blog: Free People

The folks over at Free People (based in Philadelphia) have started a blog! The Free People blog is a fun look at some of the inspirations and process behind their clothing, accessories, store displays, and home accessories...


pretty & jewel-toned

I'm a sucker for little tiny bags that hold tiny things. This jewel-toned cosmetic bag from Spoylt has a lovely & subtle batik texture in the background of this silk fabric.