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WHO...Julia Rothman, a pattern designer and illustrator located in Brooklyn NY. She is also part of a three person design company called Also and writes about nice books on her blog Book by its Cover.

CURRENTLY LOVING...I started a wedding groom collection a while back because I like how the little men look in tuxedos. I used to have them out on a little shelf but now that I am engaged it feels weird to display them- like I'm wedding obsessed or something. So I decided to put them away in a box but I do miss them. Also I am loving my new spice rack and two new hands(left) I got in an antique mall in Iowa this past holiday. The other two glove molds were a gift from Matt and Jenny (my Also partners) and the little metal box is from an antique store in Hudson, NY. All this stuff currently sits on my kitchen table (for lack of space) so I get to look at it every morning while eating my cereal.