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mì favorite sandwich in {san diego}...


After watching an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate (sandwich edition) during my first few weeks in San Diego, I went on a hot pursuit for the best bánh mì sandwich this city had to offer. My current fave is  Bale French Sandwich Shop in City Heights. My usual is the classic #2 - Vietnamese ham, paté, pickled carrots & daikon, onions, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, and mayonnaise on a french baguette creating a mix of all the right flavors...savory, sweet, sour, pickled, crispy, and crunchy.

{Happy Tip: You'll likely be able find a bánh mì shop in your area wherever there's a concentration of Vietnamese restaurants. The sandwich shops are usually understated hole-in-wall stops separate from sit down Vietnamese restaurants. Photo by Oh Joy.}