Oh JoyOh Joy

happy friday + raffle winner(s)...


Thanks so much to everyone who entered to win the Oh Joy for Chronicle collection. There were so many amazing responses, that we decided to choose three winners (instead of just one) at random. And, the winners of the Oh Joy + Chronicle raffle are: Tania W., Kacia N., and Olivia C.! Congrats guys!

Here's a selection of my favorites of the things that make YOU happy:
~ Finding extra $ in the laundry for the taco truck - Steph M.
~ Rose milk tea w/soy, less ice, more boba - Alexis K.
~ Unexpected (gold! green!) nailpolish - Jenny V.
~ Knowing that someday i will travel - Karis V.
~ Finding old pictures of families in antique stores - Abigail B.
~ Puns. What could be finer than a great one-liner? - Amanda M.
~ Dinner parties where everybody assembles their own pan pizzas - Stacia N.
~ A lovely meal with my boo - Alexandra M.
~ Stumbling onto weddings by accident - Tania W.

Have a great halloween weekend!

{photo above of labels & stickers by Karen Wise}